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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: rumor about a climactic sequence with Palpatine


From Making Star Wars:

In this article and video, I discuss spoilers from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. If you are avoiding spoilers, this article and video are not for you. Make sure you do not openly discuss the spoilers on social media. Do not share the image on social media. Be cool!

[…] A McQuarrie La-Z-Boy Game of Thrones

The climax of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker culminates with Rey confronting the Emperor on his stone thorny throne. The high backed chair of the throne is essentially the throne Ralph McQuarrie designed for Return of the Jedi. However, the throne is surrounded by four giant stone thorns on each side of throne with two smaller “thorns” near the Emperor’s arm rests. The seat is four or five steps high. It appears to have tiny red lights on a few of the throne’s “thorns.”

Darth Sidious dresses for the job he wants, not the job he has.

Darth Sidious, former Emperor of the Galactic Empire sits upon this throne after Ben Solo has died. But before Ben’s death, Darth Sidious has channeled the Force through Rey and Ben and rejuvenated himself to his former Revenge of the Sith youth, looking as he did when he declared himself Emperor after eradicating the Jedi Order several decades before in Revenge of the Sith.

The rejuvenated Darth Sidious appears in The Rise of Skywalker wearing a red/burgundy robe with a black hooded tunic over the robes. His waist is tied with a black belt with a silver buckle on it with a red light, offset to the righthand side. It is my personal opinion that this may be Palpatine’s best costume in The Skywalker Saga. The black tunic is like Darth Vader’s or Luke Skywalker’s Return of the Jedi costume but the “skirt” flows down to his feet.

Ben Solo’s fate?

The final confrontation of the Skywalker Saga takes place on the dead world of Exogol. Darth Sidious has thrown Ben Solo into the abyss. I have heard Ben falls into the mist, much like Han Solo’s death in The Force Awakens and it visually rhymes. I believe this happens after Rey and Ben are drained by Darth Sidious. In the end, Rey weakened and seemingly alone for the final confrontation. […]

The Money Shot’s Setup

The rejuvenated Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, projects Sith lightning into the heavens above from his fingertips believing Rey to be incapacitated. Rey, however, is revitalized by the Jedi who lived before her for the final confrontation with Palpatine. She slowly begins to rise as Palpatine zaps the Resistance fleet with his torrent of lightning.

Above the dead planet, the Resistance fleet and the First Order’s Sith fleet are about to clash.  The blasts of lightning from Darth Sidious’ fingertips into the sky above acts as supernatural EMP that causes the Resistance fleet to essentially short out and float dead in the “waters” of space, making it vulnerable to the Sith fleet. It appears in that moment that all is lost.

Darth Sidious is ready to retake his place as Galactic Emperor when Rey interrupts the Sith’s victory and stands before her grandfather.

The restored Rey catches Darth Sidious’ attention and he is forced to stop his stream of Sith lightning. The Resistance fleet recovers, powers back on, and the fight against Sith fleet above Exogol ensues. Rey buys the fleet just enough time for the Millennium Falcon to show up with reinforcements for the final epic space battle.

Just as Darth Sidious lowers his hands and stops attacking the fleet above. The Sith Lord looks to Rey and angrily blasts his lightning towards his granddaughter. Rey ignites Leia and Anakin Skywalker’s lightsabers and deflects her grandfather’s attack.

The Money Shot – Please do not share on social media.

Here is our artistic depiction, from my personal notes of a shot from the film showing the McQuarrie throne, Darth Sidious’ new robes, and Rey defending herself from the attack with the Skywalker’s sabers:


The picture above is accurate to what I have seen from The Rise of Skywalker and Rey’s final encounter with evil in her trilogy.

Doctor “Sidious” Who?

After doing an extensive deep dive with sources on this film, I have to conclude that Palpatine does not use a lightsaber in the film, and if he ever did, he does not wield it in this film anymore. So I do not expect Palpatine to use his lightsaber against Rey and Ben. […]

Sith Stormtroopers and Darth Sidious

Sources have said that the Sith Stormtroopers seem like they were abducted children placed into the First Order who became elite Stormtroopers. There’s apparently a lot of ambiguity in the film about how they come about and the subplot with Finn and Jannah’s quest to stop the First Order’s militarization of children makes it seem as if this is the case.

There could be something missing here, but it is looking more and more like the current version of the film just brings these new Stormtroopers out from The First Oder’s ranks without much explanation. This is much like how Darth Sidious surviving the Death Star II is presented in the film without much explanation, according to sources. If our sources have a complete understanding of the movie and there are no sequences being hidden until the last moment to persevere the secrecy of the film itself, we may be over thinking how much explanation we will get on screen for these things. We may have to wait until the novel is released for those answers. […]”


  • Stefan K

    As I have commented on this blog, I personally think that that there should be more than just an overpowering of the Emperor. The victory of Luke over the Emperor in RotJ was mainly a spiritual and moral one.

    Anyway, former Jedi somehow helping Rey may be one possibility how Anakin/Hayden shows up. However, I hope that there is more to it – he is The Chosen One after all. To comment on your comment, @Pinkman ;-), I hope that they acknowledge this and make Rey a spiritual successor to Anakin, not suddenly “the Real Chosen One” (c).

  • Star Wars Hexalogy

    “We may have to wait until the novel is released for those answers”

    Ah yes, in the typical Disney SW fashion we are going to get some silly half assed ancillary tie-in novels to explain things the films themselves should explain.

    And still no rumor about Anakin coming back to help to take Sidious down because why should the supposed final chapter of the Star Wars saga in any way adress what is the central story of the entire saga in the first place!

    • Stefan K

      There is IMHO the chance that Anakin will appear. First, they managed to hide Dart Maul’s appearance in “Solo” without any leak. Second, McDiarmid and Hayden recently were on a charity event together, which can be seen as an indication that Hayden will somehow be involved in the movie.
      That said, Maul’s appearance was a longer cameo whereas I hope that Anakin will be featured more prominently – and such an appearance may be harder to hide from leakers. Hence, if we have heard nothing until now, who knows.

      And now for something completely crazy: There was some speculation back during the release of TFA that Rey is in fact Anakin reincarnated. It would explain some things (e.g. how Rey is so quick in learning how to handle the Force and why she is such a good pilot without any real training). And if you think as Anakin to be Sidious’ “son” (he may have been involved together with Plagueis in creating Anakin), he may have been prepared the reincarnation, making Rey his granddaughter.
      As I said, completely crazy and not true with a probability of 99.99%.

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