Prequel Trilogy,  The Rise of Skywalker

A B1 battle droid has been spotted in the Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker trailer


The B-1 battle droid from the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy appears in a shot of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer. Click on the screenshot to enlarge it.



  • Michael Kelly

    Thanks JJ! Again, just like TFA, the Prequels are relegated to the background while the OT is front and center…. Such a lack of imagination to bring the trilogies together. I mean they can put the Ghost from the TV show rebels in the final battle, but they can’t figure out how to put a squadron of arc fighters in that same battle? Or how about a couple Republic Venator’s?

    The ghost is almost as old as a Republic ARC fighter. Surely, when the galaxy rallies against the Emperor, or the first order, or the new Empire or what ever is the new threat in TROS, some older machines of war could have made it in from planets that salvaged it for their own private army…

    I was so unhappy with TLJ lack of vision in that the old Rebel base on CRAIT wasn’t also and old Republic base from the clone wars that housed AT-TE’s that the Rebels… I mean resistance… but soon to be called rebels again…. rolled out to meet the First Order’s walkers… but than they wouldn’t have their OT imagery of speeders against walkers… Thanks for the scraps JJ…

    • Cryogenic

      @ Mike:

      I agree with you on this one, Mike. “Scraps” is a good word. I didn’t mind that Rian Johnson used an old rebel base, but that’s a solid point you just made. With Abrams, however, there is always this thing he does of acknowledging in a tepid, lip-service way: backhanded homage. Not nice. That said, that isn’t necessarily all he does. For instance, the water-world that Rey and Kylo are fighting on evokes both Kamino and Mustafar, and that hardly seems incidental. Abrams evidently recognises the power and appeal of the PT deep down.

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