Rumor: New series of Star Wars films to be set 400 years before the Skywalker Saga


From Making Star Wars:

“My informants recently told me that the Cassian and Obi-Wan Kenobi Dinsey+ shows are supposed to be coming to Pinewood since other studio spaces have recently become unavailable and the next Star Wars film is thought to be there as well. My sources also elaborated on what that film series will be.

Sources are saying the next Star Wars Saga is going to take place during an era called “The High Republic” era.  It sounds like the setting is 400 years before The Skywalker Saga. This new saga is set during a time that the Sith’s “Rule of Two” has been established by Darth Bane, and Yoda is a Jedi, but isn’t the old Jedi we know from the Skywalker era.

These new films will not make up a trilogy but rather a series of films which will be released in the same story era and interconnect. D.B Weiss and David Benioff were to make this series before moving onto a more lucrative deal. This method of storytelling was supposed to apply to the “A Star Wars Story” films, but they never got a chance to interconnect the two stories that they told with more material. ran an excellent scoop that elaborates on how Project Luminous will kick off with a video game and a lot of information that  corroborates the timeline information I have heard. They have heard some of the stories will have Jedi exploring the unknown regions. Make sure you check out their article as I feel my information is in direct alignment with theirs, and our stories support one another. For some time, I have heard that Project Luminous was a build up to the next film era which my sources are calling The High Republic era. It should be noted that I have very little reason to think that is going to be the title for the series itself.

Because of the volume of Star Wars stories set during The High Republic era, it is difficult to say which emerging characters they are going to spotlight in these upcoming films. While the series will have Jedi, it will also have heroes who are not Jedi.

While I cannot concretely define the aesthetic of this new era, it sounds like it is rooted in what D.B Weiss and David Benioff thought the Republic would look like. The designs are likely going to be grounded in the familiar, but also new, allowing for a fresh and fun feeling that Star Wars has not seen since George Lucas kicked off the prequel series at the end of the nineties. […]”


  • archdukeofnaboo

    ¨The High Republic era¨

    Well, thank God, this leaker has enough respect to not label it ¨Old Republic¨ because the Republic that exists in the Prequel Trilogy simply is the *Republic*. It has stood for 1,000 years in peace (Palpatine – Episode II) and we see it winding down to its cataclysmic end during the Clone War. And besides, we haven’t even seen the New Republic on screen in the new movies.

    Yet there’s still an air from this article of this being unfamiliar, almost untouched territory. Not quite. There’s plenty references to it in the PT and TCW animation, and a lot more in the now non-canon ¨legends¨ novels.

    Yours truly has used ¨High Republic¨ numerous times in SW discussions. It is nothing new. However, it does pose a fundamental problem to anyone seeking out an ultra-safe new trilogy – or ¨film series¨ if they want to rebrand it – and that is that another round of good old Empire vs Rebels just ain’t possible. Sure, there can still existed problems, like organized crime or political corruption, but your big bad villains The Sith remain are banished and hidden away in defeat. There is no rival to the Republic in the Galaxy: it is in it heyday and the Jedi masters that exist are amongst the most wise to ever live. The Phantom Menace works because it is the undoing of that.

    Let it be clear: When you’re playing with The Republic, you’re playing in George Lucas’s sandbox. He established the state, its politics, its institutions, the constituent worlds, the Jedi Council and you betcha, the entire aesthetic – to my mind, second to none.

    Please also note that at ~477 years at this time period, Yoda isn’t exactly Young either.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy

      You make some great points. They will find a way around not having an Empire vs Republic scenario though. They will probably have villains from the Imperial or First Order era time travel back to the High Republic era or some such nonsense we usually get in these sci-fi sagas that are far past their expiration date.

      Cool photo with Mark!

      • archdukeofnaboo

        @Jar Jar

        It’s hard to judge with all these rumours that swirl around. I mean, I’ve heard one where they focus on the story after TROS, which makes little to any sense after spending so long in the sequel trilogy.

        The High Republic era is unique. It’s not this fabled “Old Republic” thingy of over 1,000 years prior to Episode I, yet it’s not quite the late Republic we’re all familiar with either.

        But am I really craving a new film? No. I’d rather they gave up on them and focused on the television series, to be honest. Disney + hasn’t yet arrived in my region (equality, eh?), but I hear many good things of The Mandolorian, and I’d rather they put effort into things like that, which try to be original.

        I’m ridiculously excited for the Obi-Wan series. The longer format means the chances of screwing up the beloved character Luke-style are much lower.

        More than anything, I would love a live-action series set during the Clone War. It’s what I care most about and I detest that they’re only bringing back the animation for a measly 12 episode run.

  • jarjarbacktattooguy

    I’ve been saying for a long time, that starting a new saga set hundreds of years before Episode I is the only way for them to go. A clean slate.

    While they’d have Yoda, they wouldn’t have many other famous characters to work with which makes me think this won’t happen because they have been only exploiting main characters, settings, and time periods that everyone knows and trying something fresh doesn’t fit their M.O.

  • Natalie

    I’d rather see some new political entity, maybe a few hundred years after Episode VI. Or thousands years before. It’s like they’re afraid to come up with anything new so all they do is copy what GL had done before (now, apparently, the prequels, too)

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