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Vader is haunted by the memory of Padmé in Star Wars: Darth Vader #2 preview



“For Darth Vader, there is no escape from the past.

In’s exclusive first look at Marvel’s Darth Vader #2, the Sith Lord recalls moments of love, excitement, and tragedy with Padmé.

“Darth Vader is both a haunting and haunted character and, in this issue, he’ll have to confront his most tragic loss, Padmé,” editor Mark Paniccia tells “This will lead him down a dangerous path, setting up a terrible and inevitable encounter with someone he should never have crossed and revelations that no one could have predicted.”

“In the wake of Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader’s on a terrifying mission to destroy everyone who hid his son Luke from him,” says writer Greg Pak. “But in the process, he uncovers a shadow from his past that he’s absolutely not ready for. Working on this book is a constant shock, revelation, and thrill. We’ve been given the green light to take an unprecedented journey into the Dark Lord’s dark heart and explore just what Padmé still means to him after all these years. The entire creative team is bringing everything they have to this story and I can’t wait for you to discover the shocking truth behind these images.”

What’s triggering the memories? We’ll have to wait until the issue, written by Pak with art by Raffaele Ienco and a cover courtesy of Inhyuk Lee, arrives March 11. […]





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