Test footage from George Lucas’ cancelled series Star Wars: Underworld has surfaced

Test footage from George Lucas’ cancelled TV series Star Wars: Underworld has surfaced, thanks to xezene. These videos were on Stargate Studios’ Vimeo channel for years, but it seems no one noticed theme before today.

First announced in 2005, Star Wars: Underworld would have been set primarily in the Coruscant underworld, between Episodes III and IV. Over 50 scripts have been written under the supervision of Lucas. But the Star Wars creator never produced the series due to budget constraints.

Update: the videos have been deleted from Stargate Studios’ channel, but someone merged them together and uploaded it on Youtube.



      • archdukeofnaboo


        I think that basher trope is after dying down a bit. It’s very easy to show them all the green screens that were used in TFA, which supposedly was all about “practical effects”.

        The real shame is that this show never got to into full production. This test footage is of the same Couscanti underbelly we saw in AOTC, but boy has the CGI technology advanced so much. Put a bit of polish on this this and you’ve got yourself something truly special.

  • Phil Clarke

    I call bullshit. One of the troopers is wearing FX armour – late 90s bootleg stormtrooper armour. There’s no way Lucasfilm would film anything using that inaccurate armor. I worked closely with Lucasfilm reps on the episode 2 premiere and there’s NO WAY IN HELL lucasfilm would allow bootleg armor. They have stuff like this nailed down tight!

    • Slicer87

      In the original Blade Runner tilm, if you look at the LA cityscape, you can see that one of the buildings is really a model of the Falcon. Between that and Ford, SW and BR have a connection. Both stories feature robots being treated pretty poorly by society.

  • animehuntermage

    Thank you so much Anthony for reporting on this. It is most regrettable that this show never got made.

    Now I have been keeping tabs on your blog for a few years now, and it nice to that see you are huge prequel enthusiast (as am I). As such, allow me to prove to you more ammunition for you against prequel haters/RLM lovers. It’s basically a study that I did that proves that most people enjoyed the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Here is the link below:


    Thanks. May the force be with you.

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