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Star Wars: The Clone Wars | “Unfinished Business” clip revealed

From Star Wars:

“Jedi Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead an attack against the Separatist forces on Anaxes while the Bad Batch and Anakin Skywalker infiltrate an enemy starship to ensure a Republic victory in “Unfinished Business,” an all-new episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” this FRIDAY, March 13th on Disney+.”


  • Arnav “RayO1” Bhattacharjee

    I was worried they would abridge the scene because I made a meme based on two shots of this. Glad they left it in.

    But I’d like to raise a point regarding the apparent changes made to TCW. In particular, Episode 2. The controversy surrounds the fact that a scene from the original Story Reel regarding a pin-up of Padmé was removed and was replaced with a touching scene between Anakin and Padmé. This site has already covered the reason as to why this change occurred according to Dave Filoni. But a lot of people are seeing this as Disney “censoring” the artwork.

    How could it be “censoring” if they showed the artwork in Rebels?
    Star Wars Rebels, arguably a less graphic and dark show than TCW, had the pin-up poster.

    It’s hardly a case of Disney censoring the artwork. It’s a case of Disney strangling the show with only 12 episodes, thereby necessitating one scene to replace the other. That is the only thing that is Disney’s fault here. So this entire argument against Disney concerning TCW is factually wrong.

    (Part One)

    • Arnav “RayO1” Bhattacharjee

      Part One Addendum:
      Yes, the artwork is very hard to see and is shoved away into the corner of the shot, but…
      1. Fans knew about the pin-up years before Rebels was released.
      2. Once most of it comes into view, you can tell exactly who it is.
      3. The argument isn’t that Disney is censoring Padmé, it’s that they’re censoring suggestive art of any woman character. But you can tell that the character in the shot is a woman, and one in a suggestive pose. This on its own disproves the entire idea that they’re adhering to an agenda, because aside from the creator’s own comments on the debacle, the art has been used and seen before by the apparently “agenda-driven” Disney.

      Final note: If you have any doubts about it being Padmé, this is the concept art:
      And that is clearly Padmé.

      • Alexrd

        Allow me address your arguments:

        1. The scene was not replaced by the new scene. The new scene is an addition that doesn’t conflict with the removed scene.
        2. The censored scene was a needless removal. The official/PR explanation only addresses the new scene, and from what I heard of the reasoning behind the removal is pure corporate PR.
        3. As you’ve pointed out, the artwork is very hard to see therefore it’s understandable that it didn’t raise much attention/discussion there. Comparing it to TCW scene where’s not only given prominence but is also discussed by the characters is like comparing apples and oranges.

        In any case, the removal of the Decimator scene in the following episode is more concerning than the Padmé scene, since it directly affects the storytelling.

      • Arnav “RayO1” Bhattacharjee

        Well now we have official word from Sam Witwer himself. It’s hardly a case of Filoni’s ideas being an excuse for corporate PR.

        And if it is a case of executive meddling, may I remind you that TCW used to be under CARTOON NETWORK. I’m a huge CN follower, and I know its history like the back of my hand. 2008 was the year CN started getting more strict with the content of their shows. Prior to this, Justice League Unlimited was pushing CN’s limits so far that it had to be aired on their more mature Toonami. Filoni had to operate under the people that would mutate into the faceless network responsible for ad nauseam marathons of Teen Titans Go. Going into the series’ continuation under Disney+, I knew that there would be many things that would feel different, as most of us were used to how TCW operated under CN’s noses. Now, with a new network, it was obvious things would be slightly different.

        But anyway, about the video. The highlight I draw from this is where Witwer says “the Nose Art scene does not build off the Padmé/Anakin scene, nor does it vice versa”. Considering the fact that they only have 12 episodes, where only ONE arc has Anakin in a major presence, they had to aid the scene. Again, I completely fault Disney for shortening the season which forced them to make these decisions. But fact is that they were forced to choose one or the other since both moments undercut each other. Witwer said that Filoni was aiming for a momentum and a sense of payoff to his take on Anidala, something that is further followed up in ROTS. And the original scene, which again I don’t hate, was on a railroad to nowhere. And if it was in there…right after Anakin and Padmé talked, it would only derail the focus of Anakin’s attachment to Padmé.

        Given the criticism towards ROTS regarding Padmé’s reduced role, I’m sure that under those circumstances they didn’t want to leave our beloved senator’s last appearance as a faceless piece of pin-up art used for jokes. I’d only be okay with its reinclusion if they have one final scene from Padmé herself after that has happened. It’s the only way to make a good compromise, but again…12 episodes won’t allow it.

        Moreover, thinking about it more and more, it wasn’t really relevant to the plot and it just adds tension between Anakin and the Bad Batch…a tension that has no resolution in the episode. Kinda like Finn’s declaration to Rey never being spoken of again. Why waste resources on a scene that doesn’t add anything to the story? We already know Anakin is willing to beat someone (Clovis) to death if this someone is lewd with/about Padmé. The fact that it was never paid off thereby makes it unnecessary. Plus, they still got to make a joke with Rex keeping Obi-Wan out of the bunks…only for Obi-Wan to know anyway *snort*.

      • Alexrd

        How does it not build-off? Why does it need to build-off? In the original episode, the scene is just there, it doesn’t build-off the previous scene. Nor does it need to.

        Both scenes can exist. They don’t contradict each other nor is it a jarring transition. It’s not a Padmé scene either. It’s a scene where Padmé is discussed, it’s self-contained and it brings some levity and humor to the episode (not at Padmé’s expense, but at Anakin’s expense).

        Of course, they (Witwer, Filoni, etc) can make as many excuses as they want for Disney. Specially when they are not in charge and their pay check depends on it (Witwer in particular). If the people in charge demanded the scene to be removed, they wouldn’t tell us. They would try to justify it as some sort of creative decision. And it could be, except as a creative decision it doesn’t make sense, hence why I don’t buy it.

        Not only that, but it’s not an isolated incident. The next episode had a key scene censored as well. Why? They will try to explain that one as a creative decision as well, but they won’t acknowledge that the scene affects the story and how information is provided to the audience. In the final episode, the audience is left guessing what the Decimator does. It’s like now showing the Death Star destroying Alderaan. It’s like not showing what the Malevolence does. It’s like not showing what the Defoliator does. The audience and the heroes need to see or understand what’s going on to increase the stakes and take the threat seriously. That’s a far more important scene that was removed for no logic reason whatsoever.

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