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  • Arnav “RayO1” Bhattacharjee

    So…that latest episode.

    The emotion, the callbacks, the fanservice, the characters, OOHHH YEESSS!

    “Old Friends Not Forgotten” might just be the best episode of TCW, second to the Umbara episodes. You can honestly tell that they spent most of their time into perfecting this arc, and it’s only PART 1!?

    This is definitely gonna be a home run. I know the Walkabout arc got a lot of people pessimistic, and while I liked that arc for what it was, it was flawed and a bit of filler. But Filoni has made it clear that this is what we’ve been waiting for. THIS is what TCW is at its best!

    I’m kinda sensing a pattern with the D+ SW shows. They have a high point at the end of the first arc, the second arc is mediocre, and then the third arc turns into pure poetry.

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