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Report: Live-action Star Wars series from Leslye Headland in the works


From Variety:

“A new “Star Wars” series is in the works at Disney Plus, Variety has learned from sources. The series hails from Leslye Headland, the co-creator, showrunner, and executive producer of the critically-acclaimed Netflix series “Russian Doll.”

Details of the exact plot of the series are being kept under wraps, but sources say it will be a female-centric series that takes place in a different part of the “Star Wars” timeline than other projects. Headland is said to be attached to write and serve as showrunner on the series, with the show currently staffing.

Reps for Disney and Headland did not immediately respond to Variety’s request for comment.

Headland also directed multiple episodes of “Russian Doll.” The show was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards for its first season, ultimately winning three. Headland began her career writing and directing the “Seven Deadly Plays” series, which includes “Bachelorette” and “Assistance.” “Bachelorette” was the basis for her directorial film debut starring Kirsten Dunst. Her other film credits include writing the 2014 remake of “About Last Night” and writing and directing “Sleeping with Other People.” Besides “Russian Doll,” her other TV credits include “Terriers,” “Blunt Talk,” “SMILF,” and “Black Monday.” She is currently under an overall deal at Fox 21 Television Studios, with the studio now under the Disney umbrella. […]”


  • Slicer87

    When will media learn that going woke always leads to going broke. Not to mention Headland used to be Weinstein’s personal assistant.

    • archdukeofnaboo


      Oh wow. In that case, then Headland better be careful about lecturing the average Joe on morals. I sure hope she wasn’t complicit in Weinstein’s wicked cover-up and silencing operation.

  • Cryogenic

    The negativity here is bloody ridiculous. We barely know a thing about this new series other than the announcement above. A female-centric live-action Star Wars series with a female creative at the helm. Sounds okay to me.

    There have already been several male-centric Star Wars live-action projects from Disney (and quite a few from Lucas) — either released or in the works. There’s “Solo” and “The Mandalorian”, for starters. One can argue that “The Last Jedi”, despite a complementary female empowerment narrative, was pretty male-centric with its strong emphasis on the fallout between Luke and Kylo, as well as other male characters playing prominent roles in the story like Snoke, Finn, Poe, Hux, and Bencio Del Toro’s “DeeJay” character.

    At the end of the day, there are two main genders, or two gender poles: male and female. In a way, they are abstract poles, and we are all some amalgamation. This can also change throughout our lives, especially under the influence of sex hormones. I am, of course, including other manifestations of gender and biology in this basic formulation, like transgender, genderqueer, and intersex people.

    It’s really hard to get a sense of what this project be right now, or what kind of quality it will have. But for clues/reassurance, look to Leslye Headland’s existing credits and go from there.

    As for the Harvey Weinstein connection:

    I’m not sure what to make of it. In the following interview, she claims she worked for him for about a year, calling the experience “very educational and cool”, but also “pretty boring”:

    It does sound like she’s covering and protecting herself, not wanting to expose Weinstein (the interview dates to 2012 as per the URL) or get on his wrong side. This is, of course, the problem with SJW-types. They’re the first to cry foul about something when they feel it’s safe to flaunt their virtue, but they practice double standards and turn into cowards and hypocrites when their own stake in something would be threatened if they followed through on their principles and remained true to the values they espouse.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy

      I agree, people here can be as negative as the prequel haters. But I wind up agreeing with most of their predictions. Disney makes productions for an audience that doesn’t “get” Lucas or Spielberg, and idolizes Quentin Tarantino and Guillermo del Toro. They prefer modern remakes over the TV and film classics from the 1960s-90s. It’s just a different era, and this isn’t “our” Star Wars anymore. I’ve accepted that.

      I try to be open minded regarding Disney’s take on the franchise, but the reality is that we keep getting the same type of production and story over and over. That’s what Hollywood does – copy a formula over and over. Some seem to like the formula, but it isn’t quite working for me. The saga, prior to Disney, was focused on fun, original ideas, and now there are none. Modern Star War is a never ending, serialized, grimdark, politically correct, formulaic science fiction story – same as everything else out there today.

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