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‘Star Wars: Yoda’ comic miniseries announced

Star Wars: Yoda, a new comic miniseries, has been revealed at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Here is some information from

“The new comic is set in the moments before Luke Skywalker’s arrival on Dagobah in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, as the Jedi reflects on his life and his regrets.

Told in three arcs by three writers — Cavan Scott, Jody Houser, and Marc Guggenheim — the series will hurtle back in time to take readers to key moments in Yoda’s life during the prequel era and with a first story set in The High Republic, as he ruminates on the past. With covers from Phil Noto, artists Nico Leon, Luke Ross, and Alessandro Miracolo will illustrate the 10-issue run.”

Some art with Dooku has been shown during the panel:

Here’s more art:

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