Rogue One

Rogue One grossed more in North America than overseas, unlike Episodes I, II, III & VII

ro01“Today sees the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on DVD and Blu-Ray. Walt Disney’s first stand-alone/spin-off movie in their newfangled Star Wars franchise was an unquestionable hit. It earned a whopping $1.055 billion worldwide, becoming the 20th-biggest global grosser of all time and the year’s second-biggest earner behind Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War ($1.153b). It also earned $531.7 million in North America alone, becoming the seventh-biggest domestic earner of all time, or the 57th when adjusted for inflation. And here’s the interesting little nugget: It is the biggest-grossing movie of all time to earn more in North America than overseas.

Inflation and fluctuating exchange rates notwithstanding, the film earned 50.4% of its money in North America. Heck, if you just look at its overseas figures, it made less in foreign grosses than the likes of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ($578 million versus $523m), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part II ($537m in 2D) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($542m). That’s not to claim that Star Wars is doomed or any such nonsense, but it does paint a picture of a franchise that depends on North American box office more than most modern-day blockbuster franchises.”

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According to Box Office Mojo, A New Hope earned 59,5% of its money in North America. The Empire Strikes Back : 54%. Return of the Jedi : 65,1%. The Phantom Menace : 46,2%. Atttack of the Clones : 47,8%. Revenge of the Sith : 44,8%. The Force Awakens : 45,3%.

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