Prequel Trilogy,  Revenge of the Sith

Forbes: “Hayden Christensen gives a fantastic physical performance in Revenge of the Sith”


“As predicted, Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. used the MTV Movie and Television Awards to debut yet another Wonder Woman trailer. […]

I have no idea how [Gal] Gadot’s performance will play, and I’m someone who thought she was just fine in Keeping Up With the Jones, but I got distinct Hayden Christensen vibes. […]

But here’s the good news. I happen to think that Hayden Christensen gives a fantastic physical performance in Revenge of the Sith.

His body language and his facial acting almost compensate for the comparatively dry verbal performance (a similar commentary could be made of the late Brandon Lee’s turn in The Crow). Acting is about more than dialogue delivery (see: Christian Bale in costume as Batman), and it’s entirely possible that Gadot may well stumble with the whole “conversing with fellow actors” thing while still offering a powerful and effective turn as Wonder Woman when Wonder Woman is in the thick of combat. And that’s the other good news, which is that this trailer offers a deluge of awesome (and varied) action beats.”

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