Attack of the Clones,  Prequel Trilogy,  Revenge of the Sith,  The Phantom Menace admits to have forgotten that “there was actually good” in the Prequels

anakin02“That’s a sentiment I see a lot, both on the internet and in conversation with fellow Star Wars fans. Is it fair though? Are Episodes I, II and III really so bad they deserve to be forgotten? As someone who’s been regularly rewatching all six, now seven, movies for a few years now… honestly, I don’t think so. They were  hugely disappointing when they came out. How could they not be? They were follow-ups to some of the greatest films of all time. But many people, myself included, carried that disappointment with them, letting it grow and fester, building these movies up into terrible atrocities. They forgot that there was actually good here. Their anger led to hate, and the hate led to suffering.  So this Star Wars Day, I thought I’d try to find the good in the most maligned part of Star Wars history. […]

The prequels aren’t bad movies, and certainly, aren’t the worst ever made. They just happen to be tied to some of the greatest, and very few films can survive that comparison. Taken on their own, there’s a lot these movies do really well. They’re fun sci-fi adventure films that get increasingly better as you go along. Plus, without them, we wouldn’t have the excellent Clone Wars or Rebels animated series. That alone is reason enough to give the prequels another chance.”

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