The Phantom Menace

The Phantom Menace actress Margaret Towner passed away on April 10


“My mother, Margaret Towner, known to millions of Star Wars fans across the world, passed away on April 10 at the remarkable age of 96.

In 1997, she had travelled to Bray Studios to be interviewed by George Lucas (whom she admitted she’d never heard of) for the part of Jira in The Phantom Menace. The result led to Star Wars conventions across the country and fans requesting ‘selfies’ on the doorstep of her Victorian terraced house in Twickenham – once the home to Ringo Starr in the Beatles’ 1965 film Help.”

Read the whole obituary at The Stage.

“A poor yet jolly woman, the elderly Jira ran a small food stand in the Mos Espa marketplace. Among her wares were tasty fruits called pallies. Young Anakin Skywalker befriended Jira, and searched for a cooling unit that the old woman needed. Jira proclaimed Anakin “the kindest boy in the galaxy.”

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