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New videos and photos of the shooting of the Han Solo movie at Fawley Power Station


Warning! Spoilers ahead.


“Today our friend Gary sent us a really cool video from the untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story. The video is of Han Solo’s pod car taking off with Han Solo at the wheel and a female passenger in the seat next to him. As the cars speed out you can see a drone is chasing the cars, presumably to get some cool drone shots.”

You can check out some photos too at

Mark Holloway of Holloway Photography has given us permission to share this really rad photograph he took of Han Solo’s pod car from the untitled Han Solo story. In case you’re wondering, he photoshopped out the wheels. What I like about it is you can see Solo’s double and in the passenger seat you can see a woman’s double sitting next to him and a little bit of her clothing and we learn that Han is in this sequence by himself.

I dig the photo because it allows us to get a look at what it will probably look like on screen.”


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You can also check out another video at Daily Echo.

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