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Lucasfilm VP for Development praises Padmé as a female role model


From Variety:

“Women’s Impact Report

Kiri Hart

Sure, she’s excited about “The Last Jedi,” but Hart, who oversees all storytelling properties in the “Star Wars” franchise, is especially proud of Lucasfilm’s company-wide commitment to showcasing strong female characters. “As a mom of a 5-year-old boy, I care a lot about the kinds of heroes he discovers. A lot of us are parents and remember what ‘Star Wars’ meant to us as kids — the power of a Princess Leia or a Padme as characters we could connect to, look up to, and aspire to.” The animated series “Force of Destiny” continues the tradition. “It’s really special to be working in ‘Star Wars’ when there’s so much focus and attention on bringing these characters to life.””



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