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Mark Hamill to Prequel haters: ‘It ruined your childhood? Come on. Let’s put it in perspective.’


From American Way:

“[…] The prospect of returning to the pop culture juggernaut was exciting for Hamill, but not without its concerns, born largely of fans’ responses to the much-maligned 1999-to-2005 prequel trilogy set ahead of Skywalker’s birth.

“On one hand, I liked the idea because, when I look back, I never had so much fun making movies. Ever,” he says. “But part of me was very terrified. There was a beginning, a middle and an end. Why go back and take the chance of ruining—or at least tarnishing—people’s memories of it? Fans can be just brutal. Some of the things they said about the prequels were just so over the top. I can see it’s not your favorite movie, but it ruined your childhood? Come on. Let’s put it in perspective.” […]”

Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker in Episodes IV through VIII.


  • andywylde77

    You really got to love Mark Hamill here! I mean he is truly a fan of the entire SW saga. And he calls it like it is. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this man. I really hope one day he decides to right a book about his experiences during the making of this new trilogy. I have no doubt it would be very interesting read for sure.

      • andywylde77

        Actually you bring a great point here. One I didn’t even consider. Yes out of the people who cried about their “childhoods” being ruined, Jake’s actual childhood was ruined. So the same people who claim they had ruined childhoods are the same that ruined a childhood of someone in real life.

  • KirkMan1701

    Mark Hamill is right about this and those SW Prequel bashing wackos who claim that their childhood and enjoyment of Star Wars was “ruined” actually ruined Star Trek TOS along with Jake Loyd’s real life childhood. There hypocrisy runs deep and they only care about themselves having a childhood “ruined” by something entirely innocuous when they ruined someone else’s childhood with something very real. My childhood and adolescence was ruined by having Star Wars at it was and as they want it to be again in my life when it was bothering me instead of waiting until 1999 to start fresh with TPM, at first due to my being overly inclusive about it and ended up taking away my model Orion II spaceship to force old-school SW down my throat in 1999. This is something for those SW prequel hateboys to seriously consider before claiming that their childhood was “ruined”.

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