George Lucas,  The Last Jedi

George Lucas Thinks ‘The Last Jedi’ Was “Beautifully Made”


From The Hollywood Reporter:

“George Lucas has seen The Last Jedi, and he was highly impressed.

The Star Wars creator recently screened the highly-anticipated upcoming installment and thought it was “beautifully made,” Connie Wethington, a rep for Lucas told Heat Vision.

“And in speaking with director Rian Johnson after viewing was complimentary,” she added. “


  • Natalie

    “Beautifully made” is not the same as “great story and characters”. Sounds like George was trying to be diplomatic. Personally, after looking at the spoilers, I have a feeling it’s going to be crap.

    • starwarsfan10

      I disagree because people who liked Rogue One for being original and didn’t like TFA for being unoriginal (Scott Mendelson of Forbes who supports the SW Prequels and Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fan Boys and Manabyte) said TLJ is not like that and is actually so good and original that the future Star Wars movies (Solo, Ep 9, Obi-Wan) are in danger of being just OK but not as good as TLJ. So, we’ll see.

      • Natalie

        What’s so original about R1? It’s a complete filler with zero character development and a nonsensical story. It even contradicts ANH. I suppose it seems original compared to TFA but than anything would.

    • Natalie

      Well I think I was right. It’s a beautifully made mess (or should I say garbage)? Does anyone, even George Lucas hater, think that he would have treated Luke in such a crappy manner?

      • andywylde77

        You are right about Luke. Fro what I have heard he was completely destroyed as a character. I even stated way before that I had a bad feeling something like what happened would actually happen. When I seen the trailers for TLJ, I felt that he always appeared very confused, scared, angry and whatnot. So they way I felt about how I perceived him, it really did add up to how he was portrayed on screen.

        The OT characters so far have been done no justice to their backgrounds before this new trilogy. They turned the OT heroes into a poor reflection of their real characteristics. I know the are just propping up their new characters but they do an injustice to the old characters to do so. The treatment the OT characters in this new trilogy is basically making the OT achievements seem pointless and worthless. And now it is in the hands of Jar Jar Abrams to close this trilogy out and not have to rely on his “mystery box.” Because he has to tie up all loose ends because there will be no other person to pick up his slack. That he no doubt leave.

  • andywylde77

    Surprise surprise! I haven’t seen the film yet, but I have been reading some reviews. And from what I have read seems to be validating my suspicions. Though I never care nor trust any reviews whether professional or not. But on IMBD I am seeing lots of 10/10’s. I know it is just their opinions and all, but it is basically the same stuff I saw with TFA. I have seen some claim that the rehash element is present in the film. Which really makes me sad. But again I am only saying this based on what I read. The film may turn out great for all I know.

    Though the bigger issue I have is, not with the film itself but the people that right it so high. I have seen some say that they needed it to be the way it was to “remind” folks that SW was supposed to be fun. And I really get tired of all the “it made me feel like a kid again”crap! Can these people stop making these movie creators cater to their childhood sensibilities. You are adults! Get used to it. It seems like being original and creative is out of style these days. When I see folks say that being original isn’t always good or showing familiar things to “capture the magic”, it makes me sick. It is these idiots way of thinking that gets us non stop rehashes and reboots. I have always viewed every SW movie to see the magic within each one individually. When I watched the PT films upon release, I wasn’t looking at them to recapture the magic of the OT, but to witness the new magic of that trilogy. But I see to many folks bragging about how the ST is capturing the magic of the OT.

    Now with that said to me that doesn’t really sound good when the films are just reminders of the OT films instead of seeing the magic of the ST films. Are the new films just made with the pre- owned magic of the OT in a new wrapper? I will give my definitive answers on how I feel about this new film when I see it.

    • joe

      honest trailers rotj episode rubbed me the wrong way a couple of times like trashing the prequels the se of rotj calling the cgi bad (it wasn’t) calling rotj bad (it wasn’t)and complaining that it made star wars too kid-friendly memo to these dumba**es star wars was always aimed at kids lucas said so himself

      • andywylde77

        And you bring up another great point again my friend. One thing that I left out of my comment was for the reviews I read, most of the ones that loved it are the ones who bring up the PT and how bad it was and all that other jazz they say. I will never understand why some folks who talk about the Disney era films always have to bring up the PT? Can’t they just discuss the new films on their own merit? And not always having to “remind” others how the PT was “horrible” or “bad?” But I know the answer and it is no they won’t stop. According to them these new movies are being made with the express intent to “wash the foul taste of the PT out of their mouths!” I never knew films tasted bad? lol I guess my taste buds must not be functioning or something.

        And as far as the SE goes, I will never understand the whining about them. I know some have their personal tastes and all but when you look at all the changes made, there really is nothing that takes away from the films. I mean did replacing 2 aliens in the cantina scene in ANH destroy Luke’s journey? No. And those 2 aliens that were changed in ANH were “practical” too. As were most of the band scene in ROTJ minus 2 who were CGI. But I personally liked the changes. And even ones I didn’t care for I still don’t mind.

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