George Lucas,  Sequel Trilogy

George Lucas reportedly wanted Leia to be a trained Force-user in the sequel trilogy


Mark Hamill: “This is something that always interested me because [Luke and Leia] can communicate telepathically and I tell her in one of the movies, I guess the third one, you have that power too. So I always wondered, and I don’t read the fanfiction, why she wouldn’t fully develop her Force sensibilities and I think that’s something George Lucas addressed in his original outline for VII, VIII and IX. I was talking to him last week, but they’re not following George’s ideas so we’ll have to wait and see on that one. But it seems like a waste of an innate talent that she should utilize in some way.”


  • andywylde77

    This is important because it was what was intended to happen. Yoda told Luke to pass on what he has learned. And Leia would or should have been the first one to gain that knowledge from Luke. But the opportunity is lost. Like how in the original Zahn trilogy Leia was already in full swing and had training as well. That is what I always pictured it would be when I seen ROTJ in 1983. I didn’t know if a new trilogy would happen back then, but I always knew there would be one. I also thought Lucas would have done it and completed his amazing saga.

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