Prequel Trilogy,  The Last Jedi

BuzzFeed’s Jesse McLaren calls people ‘motherfuckers’ for criticizing The Last Jedi and not the Prequels


Jesse McLaren is ‘producer’ at BuzzFeed.


  • Cryogenic

    “You get beautiful, imaginative fight sequences on salt sprinkled red planets. I got space diner. Go fuck yourself.”

    That is kinda funny, though… 🙂

    Ah, well. Shows that audience disapproval of a Disney movie is really getting to some people…

  • PrinceOfNaboo

    It’s funny that this anti-intellectual troll posts a picture of a filmed miniature that’s supposed to prove his point of digital overkill or whatever he’s trying to make.

    And it’s even more funny to see how the alliance of haters, geek media, “professional” media and Disney’s empire is currently crumbling. Go on!

  • Marshall

    My response was: “so you’d rather see ships throw red salt all the over the screen? You’ve been looking at too many lava lamps.” Oh and this is the same guy who finally realized that The Beatles’ name was a pun.

  • andywylde77

    Is that a woman or a man in that pic? I can’t even tell. Oh and poor you you had to sit through 3 movies. I am sure that must have been so difficult on you. I would suggest that this moron at Bitchfeed go to the local pharmacy and get some extra pain relief ointment for that severe case of ass hurt that this idiot has.

  • Natalie

    I’ll take space diner over the Las Vegas casino any time.
    Approach to Coruscan in TPM is more epic than anything in the new movies lol

  • andywylde77

    I will never understand why so many people have an issue with the diner scene from AOTC? I mean that was an actual “homage” done by Lucas from American Graffiti. I thought it was a very cool scene. Fleshing out more daily life on Coruscant. But them JJ goes and rips off the plot of ANH and this idiot in the article probably thinks that was a great “homage!” And it was one of the shortest sequences in the film. To the person in the article, I have a question for you,

    Drama queen much?

    And interesting enough is that the entire diner scene was mostly a huge set with model and mini’s and “real” and “practical” characters. And some CGI as well But I enjoy CGI. The moron in this article though doesn’t. It is pretty easy to know why. Because in these peoples minds,

    George Lucas=CGI=Devil!

    Some folks need to stop harping about CGI. It is here and it is here to stay. Because this happens with any movie now a days. From Sci-Fi to everything else. Anytime someone reviews a film, whatever genre it happens to be, they always pull the “CGI isn’t really needed to be there hurr durr!” card. This was probably the way it was when “talkies” started coming out. All the silent film makers and critics that loved silent movies just whined and carried on about how silent is the “real deal” or some nonsense like that. But I feel bad for the next big advancement in film making. Because that will have to go through its growing pains as well. By growing pains I mean whining critics.

  • Natalie

    Whenever I go to an old-fashioned diner, I’m reminded of George Lucas, i.e. American Graffiti and Attack of the Clones!

  • KirkMan1701

    People like this want to slam the SW prequels for “ruining their childhoods” and “hurting” them yet they cannot handle any shred of criticism being lobbed at The Farce Awakens and The Last Jedi. For all of Jesse McLaren’s talk about being scarred by TPM, I was scared by the Star Wars Trilogy with childhood and teen bad memories etc and Titan A.E. with its pissy totaling of our planet. This is yet another example of how selfish this prequel-bashing mindset truly is since they do not care about hurting those who differ from them and only care about how they are so-called “hurt” by something that is completely innocuous.

    Prequels bashers like this now remind me of my deadbeat dad I nicknamed “Plane Room Recluse” whom abandoned me for pissy selfish reasons just so be can aeromodel in his stick & tissue model airplane room.

    The Last Jedi is tanking more than any previous Star Wars movie and it is a sign of those prequel bashers reaping what they have sewn and I sure hope that Episode IX will be a FLOP just like Titan A.E! I call for a boycott of Star Wars Episode IX in hopes of ensuring that it will bomb out in the box office two years from now. I am calling for those who enjoy the SW prequel to boycott JJ Abrams’ second Star Wars movie when it comes out in December 2019 in hopes that it will bomb.

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