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Screenwriter Max Landis said Prequel defenders were “scary”; he is now accused of sexual assault


From The Nerd Stash:

“Last night on Twitter, one of the actresses from Max Landis’ hit YouTube video Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling accused the creator of sexual assault. The accusation came in response to a Netflix US tweet promoting the recent release of the Netflix Original Bright, starring Will Smith and written by Max Landis.

Anna Akana, who played the female version of Batista in the Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling video, responded to the promotion stating it was “Written by a psychopath who sexually abuses and assaults women.”

As of now, these are simply accusations, but Akana wasn’t the only one who took to Twitter to back up the comments. Jake Weisman, who stars in Comedy Central’s Corporate, tweeted that fans should “Definitely watch that big Netflix movie coming out, written by that fucking psychopath who is one of the worst people alive.”

Even well know writer and stand up comedian Mike Drucker hinted at believing the accusations toward Landis, tweeting about how his father, John Landis, used his influence in Hollywood to cover up things that his son did. A situation very similar to the controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein.

Back in November, MAD Magazine Editor Allie Goertz tweeted that she couldn’t imagine someone who is more scared in a post-Weinstein world than a famous director’s son. Yesterday she stated that she has already spoken with multiple publications about since her tweet, giving on-the-record comments to all of them on the subject matter. “I don’t know if they’ll ever come out but from what I can tell, each place is taking the story very seriously.”



  • Ben Quadinaros

    I don’t even know how people can still trust him. I love Thriller but his dad is not that relevant anymore and is know to make outlandish comments.

  • Marshall

    More “good” news from “He previously came under criticism in 2003 for acknowledging in an interview that he was emotionally abusive, saying, “I cheated on a girl who I also gave a crippling social anxiety, self-loathing, body dismorphia, eating disorder to. I mean, you can’t really give someone any of these things, but the seeds of these things were there inside of her…the actual relationship was very nice and loving, but I was so fickle about her body. I’m not shy, I would just blurt out shit all the time. She ended up completely changing how she dressed and how she looked for me. That chick will never talk to me again.””‘

  • KirkMan1701

    Ah, that poor rapist finds Star Wars prequels fans “scary” all because they called him out for his comparison of the prequels with the Confederate Flag. Boo hoo hoo! Sob sob! I have absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever for this hateful manchild since he got what he deserved and is reaping what he has sown.

    This guy is a delicate flower who can spill bile about the SW prequels and compare them to a HATE SYMBOL yet when he is called out for it, he plays the helpless victim and says how prequel fans are somehow “mean” to him. Max Landis can dish it out but cannot take even a small fraction of it and I sure hope that this germ gets convicted and serves ample jail time. Perhaps carting Max Landis off to the slammer for sexual assault could rapidly hasten the end of that mass obsession with bashing the SW prequels.


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