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After years of approving Prequel hate, /Film complains about “toxic” fans who hate The Last Jedi


From /Film:

“It’s okay to dislike Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Your opinion is your own and no one can take that away from you. However, there’s something rotten in the Star Wars fanbase. People on the internet have decided to devote countless hours to tearing down a movie that plenty of others love. And while no movie is perfect — Star Wars: The Last Jedi least of all — what’s the point in taking the fun out of movies? Is it retribution for a ruined childhood or vindication that your opinion is right? Or is all this backlash to The Last Jedi simply another product of the internet’s penchant for knee-jerk reactions and instantaneous gratification? […]

In both cases, and in the case of The Last Jedi, it comes down to fans feeling ownership of a franchise — ownership that they don’t have. It’s when passion turns to possessiveness that fandom turns toxic. It’s like a weaponized version of the death of the author theory: that the subject shouldn’t be interpreted based on the author’s biases or influences. But while it’s valid to have your own interpretations of your favorite movie, text, or characters, that doesn’t make it the only universal truth.

We’ve seen this fandom ownership spring up long before the internet came about — Sherlock Holmes fans wrote to Arthur Conan Doyle demanding that he bring back the detective after he was killed off in “The Final Problem” — but campaigns have grown in size and malice since fandom went global. Social media and internet forums have helped to cultivate dangerously possessive ideas of fandom. And The Last Jedi backlash is just the latest example of that.

Just don’t tell others what they can’t like. That’s the easy solution to all this hoopla. While we perhaps can’t persuade others that their opinions are wrong — it’s their opinion after all — perhaps we can all be a little bit kinder and remember: it’s entertainment. George Lucas conceived of Star Wars as a children’s film, and to an extent it still is. No, I’m not calling out ignorant man-babies who are harassing directors or petitioning for a new movie — though you better watch yourselves — I’m calling attention to the fact that these films are made to be enjoyed. Maybe don’t make it your mission to spoil everyone else’s fun.”

This article fails to mention that /Film tolerated or approved Prequel hate for years. Here are some exemples.

  • “Some guy named Mike from Milwaukee, WI put together a 70-minute video review discussing the many reasons why [The Phantom Menace] was horrible. And this isn’t your usual fanboy rant, this is an epic, well-edited well-constructed piece of geek film criticism.” (December 17th, 2009)
  • “Mike from Red Letter Media (AKA the guy who put together the epic, 70-minute review of The Phantom Menace) is back again with his even epic-er review of Attack of the Clones. This time, seven Youtube videos were insufficient to contain the hatred, so Mike spread out a 90-minute review over nine Youtube videos. See them all after the break, and let the hate flow through you.” (April 4th, 2010)
  • “Close out 2010 with a 110-minute takedown of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. The first part of Red Letter Media’s feature-length review series hit almost exactly a year ago, the second in April, and now the cycle is complete. And while this review still has the flat ‘creepy guy in his basement’ aspects of the first two reviews, it also has the same in-depth breakdown of the movie.” (December 31st, 2010)
  • “The ‘Star Wars’ Movie Idea Lucasfilm Should Consider: Remake the Prequels” (February 26th, 2013)
  • “But what if Rey’s vision was less of a vision and more of a nightmare? Sure, the vision itself has some disorienting and terrifying moments for Rey herself, but what if it was a nightmare for the audience as well? That’s exactly what one has done by having some of the more cringeworthy parts of the prequels invade the vision. It’s pretty scary. Watch’s Rey’s Force vision recut after the jump.” (April 7th, 2016)
  • “I hated [The Phantom Menace] less than other people did at the time because, fun fact, this was the first Star Wars movie I ever saw (unless you count Spaceballs). I wasn’t so much disappointed as I was kind of perplexed — like, really? THIS is the film series everyone is so obsessed with? It’s kind of boring and kind of racist and the less said about it the better.” (December 19th, 2016)
  • “Cool Stuff: Eric Tan’s ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Trilogy Posters Make These Movies Look Good […] Though there is a substantial amount of Star Wars fans who hate the prequel trilogy, there is still a sect of passionate individuals who will to defend all three movies until they’re red in the face.” (January 19th, 2017)



  • andywylde77

    Oh so now everyone needs to be “respectful” and “nice” to all the fans of TLJ? Well I guess they are just flat out ignoring the almost 2 decades of bashing the PT every chance they get huh? Please give me a break here! These people need to just suck it up and deal with the criticisms. Because it will keep going.

    And I am really tired of hearing people whine about when someone explains a criticism of a film and then say, “if you don’t like the movie that is fine, but why do you have to ruin for everyone else?”

    What! How is my criticism stopping people from enjoying a movie? I really want someone to explain this logic to me because I can’t really don’t understand that way of thinking at all. I don’t like a movie for whatever reasons, how does that stop someone from enjoying it?

    • andywylde77

      Sad part is that many of the RLM fans think that those “reviews” are “insightful” and “well thought out.” Which is true, they are not any of that. They are just hour long whine fests that are done in the voice of some old pervert that basically just tries to make up alternatives to stuff that happens in the films and they are they most moronic examples one could give. I am actually surprised people still give these guys the time of day.

    • joe

      speaking of screen rant there’s an article saying j.k. rowling is the new george lucas didn’t read it of course too bad i had to read the comments with people saying george should have left it alone (the same with indy 4)too much yes man having too much control and calling jake lloyd a horrible child actor the usual bs

  • KirkMan1701

    After almost two decades of obsessively crying and carrying on about the Star Wars prequels, they still haven’t let it go and still take the King of the Nitpickers’ long-drawn-out “reviews” of the Star Wars prequels as gospel. Yet here they are getting triggered by other people criticizing The Farce Awakens and The Last Jedi. Those prequel haters are now reaping what they have sewn for many years and they whine and cry like big babies about flak they receive of their own making. They have created an enormous and ultra-hard constipated stool which has plugged up the John to the hilt and now it’s flooding onto them, hope they enjoy the gnarly constipated stool they created.

    They are getting worse and worse a piece like how Patton Oswalt and Max Landis compare the SW Prequels to racism, homophobia, and hate symbols along with autocrats like Nathaniel Muir and Willy Wheaton wanting to keep kids from watching the SW prequels. BTW, I own a “Prequel Hater Tears” mug just like the one pictured on this post and drink Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider out of it.

    I want noting to do with non-prequel Star Wars fandom because of behavior like this of obsessively trashing the SW prequels while not taking any shred of criticism of the original trilogy, The Farce Awakens, The Last Jedi, or non-Star Wars abominations they enjoy like Titan A.E. And another reason I want to not be involved with non-prequel Star Wars fandom is how their preferred Star Wars ascetic has messed up my real childhood and adolescence and scarred me into the late 2010s. They don’t give a sh*t about the ruined childhoods and adolescence of people like Jake Lloyd and I. Those selfish and ungrateful germs only care about their so-called “ruined” childhoods and enormous egos which are each the size of Uranus. The SW Prequels (esp. Jar Jar Binks) must have hurt their Uranus-sized egos very badly.

    • Natalie

      KirkMan You seem to have an ax to grind against Titan AE 🙂 I personally thought it was ok, maybe better than the Disney Wars.

      • KirkMan1701

        I have an ax to grindf agaisnt Titan A.E. out of care for ourplent and how the movie left our plant to be destroyed to save one pissy spaceship, this si purely a wiriting and storuy problem ONLY. Titan A.E. is NOT better than Disney wars, ti is Just as bad since that letting the Drekj blow up Earth so one other spaceship can be our only hope is an evil idea. I will blow up the Titan to avenge Planet Earth and make it illegal by peace treaty to end war picking an alien Earth-like planet with two suns and stronger gravity as humanity’s new home.

      • KirkMan1701

        A apologize for the typos in my previous reply to you. I am intolerant of Titan A.E. because of letting a spaceship blow up Earth just to save one other particular spaceship to be our only hope, that is totally F**KED up if you ask me. Titan A.E. is as bad as Disney Wars since it treats one pissy spaceship as more important than either our planet, billions of lives lost, or peace, how can this be anything but selfish and evil? This is purely a story and writing problem ONLY, remind you of how SW prequel bashers tend to think? And yes, I would eliminate the Titan and outlaw it via peace treaty to end war and settle on a planet like Naboo instead as humanity’s new home in such a situation, how about that?

  • Natalie

    These Disney movies made me kind of sympathize with the prequel haters: I really hate pretty much everything about them and the horrendous treatment of one of the most legendary heroes in the cinematic history was the last straw.

    Now, I’m not going to attack Rian (who seems like a good guy) or fans who like these movies I’m going to like every negative review and complain as much as I can every time this piece of garbage gets mentioned. Enough is enough.

  • andywylde77

    If you just replace The Last Jedi with the Prequel Trilogy every time it is mentioned, you will see exactly what the last 18 years was like.

    And I am so happy that the author of that article is giving me permission to have my own opinion. Isn’t that so nice of that person? WOW! I can have my own opinion on films? Yippeeeeeeeeeee!

  • bpmisqueegan

    As far as vitriolic hate-filled movie rants go, the internet ‘cut it’s teeth’ on the prequels. The media silently sat by and even tacitly supported the online bullying and threats of violence that were common place just a few years ago. The marketing machine for TFA even intentionally exploited the years of anti-prequel/anti-Lucas trolling.

    IMO, the difference between then and now is that defenders of TLJ seem to be just as vitriolic and mean spirited as the “haters”. Many of them bash the prequels as part of their defense of TLJ! Which I find so sad because it’s the perfect moment for the self-reflection “oh wait, this what I did to the prequel fans. Man, I really regret doing that now that I see what it’s like”.

    • andywylde77

      I wouldn’t feel bad if I were you. Because during the days of the PT bashing before Disney came along, people like us had to fight back in a way. Because a lot of the hate for the PT was centered around things that didn’t actually happen in the films. And a lot of the hate was baseless accusations that held no merit. Most of the time anyway. Like saying that the dialogue was atrocious. Then asked to give an example and they usually bring up the “I hate sand” line. But when asked WHY they hated it or thought it was “atrocious”, they usually have no answer.

      When Anakin stated that line, it actually made sense and applies to his background growing up on Tatooine. Which was all sand. I mean in reality think about how you have walked outside and then it just starts pouring rain. Then you run to find cover from the rain. A lot of times I myself have been in this situation and I usually see others finding cover from the rain and some will state, I hate the effin rain! But with all this in mind, some folks seem to forget or just be willfully ignorant of the fact that Anakin and Padme were both inexperienced at love and how to show their emotions properly. If anyone was expecting something different, they weren’t paying attention.

      But now I have seen some Disney defenders claim that the only people who hate the films are PT fans and old EU fans. And they make claims like,

      “You just don’t like the new films because you didn’t get the head canon version you imagined all these years!”


      “You don’t like the new films because you don’t like that they tried something different!”

      Now where have I heard all this before…

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