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New headlines falsely say that George Lucas denigrated The Phantom Menace (he was talking about a rough cut)


In the documentary “The Beginning: Making Episode I”, we can hear George Lucas criticizing the fast pace of a rought cut of The Phantom Menace. Since years, Prequel bashers use this clip as evidence that even Lucas didn’t like his own movie. Which is absurd since virtually no filmmaker is satisfied with a rough cut. Later in the documentary, Lucas says that he’ll slow down the movie a little bit to make it better.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter and some other medias reused this old anti-Episode I propaganda. They didn’t have the honesty to specify in their headlines that Lucas wasn’t talking about the finished film.



  • Caleb

    Wow. Great job, media. Reporting on an quote made public knowledge 16 YEARS AGO!! Nothing new to see here.

    Typical mainstream media. Taking whatever quote or report, no matter how old or outdated, and twisting and contorting it into irrefutable proof that “Teh prequels suck!!”. Gotta do whatever it takes to get those hits!

    • andywylde77

      Yep you are correct. Just like how they used the Rick McCallum quotes out of context to make it seem like he was a “Yes man!” He was just joking about how he works with George. It was a tongue and cheek type of comment.

      But RLM really took a lot of BTS stuff and ran it out of context. Like how the workers at LFL during the PT looked “all scared and terrified” around George. From lots of interviews I have seen Lucas in over many years he seems like one of the nicest guys one could meet. He has always presented himself in a very nice and cordial manner. Again this is my interpretation of how I view him. Not to be taken as fact. Like the LSM(Lame Stream Media) likes to do what I just did but they present it as fact where I present it as an observational opinion.

      • Caleb Szczepanski

        It’s really unfortunate because “The Beginning” happens to be one of my favorite “making of” documentaries (not just for Star Wars, but movies in general). Nowadays though, it seems when you hear about it, it’s in the form of a hateful meme.

        One of the nice things about it is its transparency. The fact that GL wasn’t afraid to admit he “went too far in some places” during the rough cut or that the employees were “scared and terrified” during pre-production. There’s many other instances like that throughout the BTS content in the PT DVDs and it’s particularly refreshing especially in light of the recent productions under Disney where we get no making-of books and no J.W. Rinzler blogs. Like we’re supposed to believe there are absolutely no problems whatsoever during the making of these films, even though we clearly know better.

        • andywylde77

          I know I remember hearing how on TFA that Abrams made Daisy Ridley cry on set because he thought her acting was very wooden. I can’t remember where I heard it. But I am sure that is why there are no Rinzler books about the making of for these new films. A lot of stuff probably happened BTS and no one wants the public to find out.

        • andywylde77

          Oh yeah I agree with you. And there are always problems on every movie ever made. That goes without saying. But it was nice to watch Lucas being documented while making the films. Because it would be absurd for me to even hear about someone making a film and it being all perfect right on the first cut!

          But anyone with a brain knows what I just said is impossible and would never happen. Even musicians document their studio time and how they make lots of errors during the making of an album or such.

          But what irritates me is that people took bits and pieces of what Lucas did behind the scenes and apply it to their narrow view of thinking that Lucas was speaking about everything in general as opposed to the reality that what he said was taken out of context.

          But this has been done for nearly 2 decades now and hasn’t really stopped. What is funny though is watching this same phenomena happening with these new films. Like how people say, “oh you just don’t like them because you didn’t get the versions you wanted!” Or “you don’t like them because you didn’t get the head canon you dreamed up all these years!” Now where have I heard all this stuff before…?

          And one thing that PT fans don’t have to deal with what the haters of the new films do have to is now being called racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe etc. That is what the people who dislike the new films have to or actually been putting up with since TFA came out. And also dealing with the examples I gave above on top of that.

  • KirkMan1701

    When will this grueling whiny festival about TPM ever end? They cannot let it go no matter how long ago it was and they each per person get worse as time goes on as demonstrated by the likes of Patton Oswalt, Nathaniel Muir, and Max Landis. More often than not, they are perfectly fine with things like having a spaceship blow up Earth for nothing just to save one other particular spaceship as our so-called “only hope” in Titan A.E. yet are so easily triggered by Jar Jar Binks of all things, PATHETIC! TPM is by far more universally positive than violent sci-fi movies such as Titan A.E. toxicity, Independence Day (ID4) machismo, and Nu-Trek action schlock to name a few and that is a fact of life.

    • andywylde77

      Funny that you bring up ID4. Finn basically pulls a Will Smith in TFA and TLJ. In TFA he says, “that’s one hell of a pilot!” So meta. And in TLJ he sees the Falcon fly over and destroy some Tie fighters and yells out, “WOO-HOO!” These movies are just too meta now. And Poe basically does the same thing in both films.In TFA he says, “who talks first? Do you talk first or I talk first?” And in TLJ he prank calls Hux. When I saw that I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come jumping out with a trucker hat on sideways yelling in Hux’s face, YOU JUST BEEN PUNKED! I actually wish my scenario did happen, it would have actually given the scene more weight.

      But then they pull a Family Guy spoof in TLJ where Poe is the only fighter in front of the entire FO fleet and takes out all the cannons on a Dreadnaught by himself. Like in Family Guy how Dak tells Luke, “I feel like I can take on the entire Empire myself!” Then he goes by himself and flies in front of the Imperial fleet and gets destroyed. It is sad when these new films have more in common with Spaceballs and other comedy spoofs then actual SW films.

      • KirkMan1701

        I remember the infamous “Darth Jar Jar” lie that was created out of sheer spite to paint Jar Jar Binks as evil which was asinine since it was making a chief villain out of a character who is universally positive. One of the points that some proponents of this bad idea made was about the TPM underwater scene saying that the Sando Aqua Monster eating the two big fish that were chasing the bongo somehow “means that Jar Jar is bad”. Yet I would not be surprised if such Sandophobic individuals enjoyed say Independence Day and its macho demeanor or if any of them wish for Naboo to be invaded by the Aliens on Independence Day in retaliation against Jar Jar Binks and the Sando Aqua Monster. Many to most (most likely most) Jar Jar haters out there totally love violence and machismo.

        If those “Darth Jar Jar”-believing clowns are going to say that Jar Jar Binks is evil for being saved by the Sando Aqua Monster eating two big fishes, then they must say that Qui-Gon Jinn and young Obi-Wan Kenobi are bad for it too or else I count them out for double or triple standards. The Sando Aqua Monster was not bad at all, it is that those Jar Jar haters who whine about it are being pathetic, overreacting, and blowing things out of proportion. Hence they have way too many screws loose and are in dire need of professional help.

        • andywylde77

          Hey my friend, don’t get too hung up on Jar Jar Jar haters. It isn’t worth it. Believe my I feel and understand your frustrations. But the Jar Jar hate is a dead end and the character gets most of its hate due to a poor understanding of what Jar Jar is. And what his role is in the films.

          But with that said, you and your family have a happy new year and be safe.

  • Natalie

    Now that a big portion of the fanbase is turning against Disney Wars they’re trying to remind us how bad things were during TPM.

    • andywylde77

      Yep I can’t tell you how many times I see fans of the Disney verse always deflect to the PT when criticism of these new movies are brought up. And then the conversation quickly goes to the PT entirely. It is like the folks who love these new films can’t even go a few sentences about the new films without the PT being brought up.

      And according to some these new movies are being made with the sole intent to “wash the foul taste of the PT out of their mouths!” I didn’t know movies actually had a specific taste to them? But I guess they are happy with another OT I guess? Hey nothing better than having 2 trilogies that are virtually the same in more ways than not? I won’t be the least bit surprised if Johnson goes and makes another trilogy of rebels vs. empire with his new one. But hey, 3rd times a charm right?

  • Larry Kenobi

    I adore everything about the prequels, but Phantom Menace is so fucking irrelevant right now that I am convinced this is just coming from TLJ fanboys who are trying to deflect star wars related attention towards something else.

    • andywylde77

      Oh trust me, you aren’t the only one who thinks that my friend. I am of the same mind on this as well. The backlash TLJ is receiving is making its most hardest gushers pull every deflection tactic they can find. One of which is drag the PT into the conversation because they usually can’t defend TLJ on its own merits.

  • jarjarbacktattooguy

    Hello Anthony NN. I just discovered this site recently. Thanks for all the prequel articles. Hopefully, more prequel geeks from Lazy Padawan’s site will migrate over here. We prequel fans are a nomadic people, unwanted by most of the the intrawebs. Or maybe it’s just myself who is unwanted, I can never tell.

    I think many of your linked stories perfectly illustrate the problem with geek media today. There are far too many bored “professional” writers who all report the same stories. To differentiate themselves from each other they feel they have to constantly be overly opinionated. Unfortunately, many of them share the same opinions, so we have to hear over and over again about how much the prequels “suck”.

    I would rather go back and read SuperShadow’s fake Star Wars news site which would relay completely fabricated prequel/sequel plot points as well as the author’s supposed adventures aboard Lucas’ yacht scoring with Natalie Portman. I would rather read that than any mainstream geek site today because at least that was fun and nonsanctimonious.

    Disney isn’t publishing any real behind the scenes books because they just really don’t care about the true fans. Most people don’t buy those books. The real money is made with the toys and theme park tickets.

    They have already fired three directors, so obviously it all isn’t running as smoothly as they’d like you to believe. They are trying their best to critic-proof these movies, which is why they are so unlike the prequels.

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