Prequel Trilogy,  The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is the most divisive Star Wars film among IMDb users


From The Independent:

“A Reddit user has used maths to determine which Star Wars films in the franchise are the most and least divisive.

The internet movie fan known as TheNeptunianSloth used data from IMDb to rank the films that cause the most and least disagreement. […]

Since a variety of news sources called The Last Jedi “the most divisive,” it struck TheNeptunianSloth with the idea.

“It got me wondering: can we know for sure that it actually is the most divisive film in the series,” they explained.

The Reddit user further contemplated, “By how much is it more divisive than the second most divisive film? “What is the least divisive one?”

TheNeptunianSloth decided to create a rating system based on IMDb’s data, by determining the standard deviation of each film rating from its overall rating.

The higher the number: the more divisive the film.

The rankings determined are below:

1. The Last Jedi – 2.696

2. The Phantom Menace – 2.062

3. Attack of the Clones – 1.914

4. Revenge of the Sith – 1.837

5. Return of the Jedi – 1.695

6. The Force Awakens – 1.612

7. A New Hope – 1.602

8. The Empire Strikes Back – 1.517

9. Rogue One – 1.405


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