George Lucas,  Prequel Trilogy

Video: Actor Josh Robert Thompson pays tribute to George Lucas and the Prequel Trilogy

From Ministry of Cinema:

“Josh Robert Thompson is a voice actor, comedian, and impressionist. He’s also a huge Star Wars prequels fan. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to satirize George Lucas, as well as Josh’s respect for the man and his prequel films.

A year ago, documentary film The Prequels Strike Back challenged viewers with new and interesting perspectives on George Lucas and his controversial prequel trilogy. Now, indie studio Ministry of Cinema is at it again with The Prequels Strike Back…Strikes Back! “


  • Beef

    Wow this dude is THE voice of reason. Amazing. I love everything he just said. I wish more SW fans were like him. Truth is, the original 6 movies are just weird movies. They stand out amongst all other movies. For some reason, the prequels are the ones to get all the flak.

  • Natalie

    The originals were first and even thought they were bizarre they became so familiar the new experiments are not accepted.

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