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WIRED falsely says that ‘audiences and critics received the Prequels poorly’


From ‘The WIRED Guide to Star Wars‘:

“[George] Lucas involved other filmmakers in [The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi] and then returned to one-man-band status for the prequel trilogy, Episodes I through III, which came out starting in 1999. They were technical triumphs, but audiences and critics received them poorly.”

The facts:

The three movies were all graded with an A- at CinemaScore, which polls moviegoers on opening nights:




  • andywylde77

    And the Disney damage control continues! Since TLJ is currently at 48% on RT for the audience score, this is just the new garden variety apologist piece to DEFLECT the criticisms of TLJ. Well know these people, which most of them probably the types that bash/ed the PT non stop for close to 2 full decades, now knows what it feels like to have movies they care about receiving the flak it is.

    It doesn’t feel very good now does it? But the issue here is that unlike the PT, TLJ to its defenders can’t be anything less than TESB. And the MSM bandwagon is also in defense of this. Something the PT didn’t have the luxury of either. So the defenders of TLJ, are really thinking that the “audience” is wrong while the critics are right. No I can safely say the critics are in the wrong on this one. When I read their reviews they leave a lot of the problems of the film out. And instead just use the Cultural Marxist shaming tactics that if you DON’T like it you are, racist, sexist, misogynist, etc. And major publications have been doing this non stop since its release.

    • UncleUniverse

      AW77, I wish I could like your comment a thousand times over; you’ve highlighted the fanatical, deranged nature of the Pro-ST/Anti-PT Brigades. When a group has no logic, facts, or reasoning, it always resorts to the tactics of fanaticism.

      • andywylde77

        Thanks my friend! Yeah I usually point this out because this is the go to tactic that is used by the defenders of the new films. I really wish I haven’t had to be like this, but they played their hand and got me to the point to where I have to resort to these explanations.

        This isn’t even my own experiences either. But I have seen others as well as myself get called all kind of garbage terms that really don’t belong in a debate about films. I have never called defenders of the new trilogy racists, sexists etc. But since they really don’t have a leg to stand on with the new films, they have to resort to that behavior. I may be a bit extreme at times, but I keep it within the context of the films and characters. Though if you read reviews just about anywhere that are negative, the comments in defense usually about attacking the person commenting as opposed to taking on the content of their review,

        So in all honesty I am pretty much fed up with being told that the ONLY reasons I dislike any parts of the new films is because I am racist, sexist, misogynist etc. And the MSM is even pushing the false narrative as well.

  • KirkMan1701

    I don’t mean to get political but “Cultural Marxism” doesn’t exist and is a right wing scaremongering myth that was debunked by other people besides me anyway. However, the Pro-ST/anti-PT brigade have used the if you don’t like The Farce Awakens or The Last Jedi then you are a racist, sexist, misogynist, etc thus ignoring the fact that toxic nostalgia is the underlying problem with the sequel trilogy. Granted that there are a handful of manchildren who hate the sequel trilogy for having a diverse cast but there are many other people like me who oppose it for being the toxic nostalgiafest that it truly is. The use of gender and racial diversity in the casting for the sequel trilogy is a mere smokescreen to try and cover up for the underlying prequel-bashing/ignoring nostalgia festival that permeates the story and writing of the sequel trilogy. I can easily see though smokescreens in argumentation by analyzing things like context, situations, and intent etc.

    They as plenty of others have pointed out while defending the sequel trilogy deflect criticism onto the prequels since they cannot defend their glaring nostalgia festivity on its own bloody merit.

    In a nutshell, defenders of TLJ or the sequel trilogy for that matter either deflect criticism to the prequel which they obsessively hate and/or use diversity as a smokescreen to try and sweep their toxic nostalgia under the rug.

  • MithrandirOlorin

    As a Prequel fan I have to say my thoughts on a film right after seeing it the first time have not been representative of my ultimate opinion. In fact I rarely leave the movie theater with a negative opinion on anything.

    Lately the Disney Star Wars films and DCEU films have all been movies I had high praise for when I first watched them but fairly quickly soured on as I thought them over.

    However Episodes I-III and Nolan’s Batman movies are films I only grow more fond of each time I see them.

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