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The Hollywood Reporter is afraid that the Boba Fett movie might acknowledge Attack of the Clones


From The Hollywood Reporter:

“The news that James Mangold will co-write and direct a movie based on Star Wars’ cult bounty hunter Boba Fett is something that will likely thrill a significant portion of the franchise’s fanbase, especially given Mangold’s genre pedigree on projects like 3:10 to YumaThe Wolverine and, most especially, Logan. There is just one thing he should bear in mind when working on the story: Pretend the prequels never happened.

Prior to George Lucas returning to Star Wars with 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, Boba Fett was a cult character amongst the franchise fandom despite having very little presence in the movies at all.  […]

It was against this backdrop of potentially unearned goodwill towards the character that it emerged that 2002’s Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones would deal with his backstory, and include an appearance by his father, Jango Fett. Finally, it seemed, audiences would get a movie appearance that treated Boba with the respect he deserved! Except, of course, the reality was nowhere near that. […]

Jango Fett wore Boba Fett’s outfit, except it was different colors. He was a bounty hunter, and he piloted exactly the same spaceship as Boba. It turned out that everything that audiences had loved about the character were, according to the newly created mythology, literally inherited from his father. As if to double down on the idea that nothing about Boba Fett was in any way original, Attack of the Clones also established that Jango Fett wasn’t his father in the traditional sense; Boba was actually a child clone of Jango. Every single thing about the character, according to official Star Wars canon, could be traced back to his father. […]

Mangold cannot, sadly, undo the Jango Fett of it all in his upcoming movie; it’s part of Star Wars canon, which is an immovable beast. He could, however, ignore it entirely and instead concentrate on giving Boba a sense of personality of his own, concentrating on what has always worked about the character — the look, yes, but also his bounty hunter career and the notion of him as the most fearsome bounty hunter in the entire galaxy and what that would mean in the Star Wars galaxy in particular — so that, for the first time ever, Boba Fett actually manages to live up to the hype.”



  • Ghostly Starscream

    Boba Fett barely qualified as fearsome. He was far too easy to take down. Don’t believe me, Boba fanboys?

    Sarlacc Pit. That is all.

  • Stefan K

    I have no trouble with fans for whom Boba is the favorite character (more power and fun to them! I personally have no problem with the character or the hype surrounding it.)
    Still, I am wondering whether the author of the article has ever watched TCW where Boba was featured…

  • PrinceOfNaboo

    AOTC was the movie that gave Boba some depth. Ignoring that would just be idiotic.

    Before AOTC, Boba was basically a character created to look cool and sell action figures. Of course, that is reality and reality is something that “The Hollywood Reporter” can’t deal with with it comes to Star Wars.

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