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George Lucas “really likes” Solo: A Star Wars Story, according to writer Lawrence Kasdan


From Variety:

Spoiler Warning: If you have not seen “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and want to avoid spoilers, then you do NOT want to read this story. Come back to it after you see the film. […]

Case in point: Han Solo shooting first. When George Lucas altered the original “Star Wars” in 1997 to depict Harrison Ford’s scruffy-looking smuggler firing on the alien Greedo in self-defense, rather than preemptively dispensing with a threat, fans lost their minds. It was an affront, the neutering of a badass.

As recently as 2015, Lucas was still defending his decision. To him, Solo was a cowboy in the John Wayne mold, therefore honorable. The hero has to let the villain have the first shot. In a mano-a-mano, Western shoot-out sense, that tracks. But while Solo may be archetypal on one hand, on the other, he is a sui generis creation that fits no mold.

The new film, directed by Ron Howard and written by Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan, aims to set the record straight once and for all. Throughout “Solo,” the eponymous space cowboy’s mentor Tobias Beckett (played by Woody Harrelson) warns him in no uncertain terms: Trust no one.

By film’s end — and after a particularly crushing betrayal by Beckett that underscores his own advice — that wisdom has finally found root. In an unmistakable moment, Solo blasts the traitor away mid-sentence.

“It’s pretty clear, we think,” Lawrence Kasdan says. “And it was a large motivation for both of us.”

Kasdan’s son and co-writer Jonathan adds that there was no room left on the page for interpretation.

“So that the actors knew, and so everyone involved knew, it was explicitly written in the description: ‘There can be no question that Han shoots first.’”

That’s some serious re-tinkering. Fans will no doubt be delighted but what did Lucas think? He certainly didn’t make the initial alteration without giving it serious thought.

“I’m happy to report, not only did George see the movie and like it before, I walked into the premiere with him and he was in a fabulous mood and he really likes this movie,” Lawrence Kasdan says. “So I have to assume that was not some earth-shaking thing for him. Or he’s let it go.”

Adds Jonathan: “Or he feels at peace with it finally.””


  • Stefan K

    I cannot help but think that they make a bit too much out of this “whoever shot first” story. Maybe GL just found the scene in Solo to have a different background to the shooting in EP IV.
    What puzzles me: Han (changed and trusting his friends in EP VI) has left Leia in EP VII? No big deal. Han shooting some microseconds before Greedo? Sacrilege.

  • Alexrd

    Sounds like Lucas didn’t give the importance or attention they are attributing it. It’s the fans (which the writers are part of) who make a big deal about who shoots who first or second.

    George didn’t make this movie. If he were to do an Han Solo movie, it would obviously be different. They are taking his politeness and lack of criticism on a premiere as a sign of approval. The joke is on them. The joke is also on them for taking their hatred for the change into a movie moment. It’s just sad.

    • Stefan K

      Well, I think that he really liked this movie. His reactions regarding EP VII and VIII were statements like “beautifully made,” which I would call a diplomatic answer. His answer here is therefore (probably) honest.

      I agree however (as stated above) that they probably read too much into GL’s non-reaction regarding “Han’s first shot” in Solo.

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