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New Prequel Trilogy content is coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

From EA:

“[…] Clone Wars content is Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

Today at EA Play, we announced that we are going to expand Star Wars Battlefront II with new content from the Clone Wars era, starting this fall with monthly updates.

One of the major theatres of war in the Star Wars prequel era, Geonosis, is coming as a new location to play and explore.


Plus, two of the most highly requested Hero characters – Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous – will enter Star WarsBattlefront II.

And they will not come alone. Joining them is the Sith Lord and leader of the Separatists, Count Dooku, as well as Anakin Skywalker.


More details on the upcoming Clone Wars content will be shared in the coming months. […]”

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