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When George Lucas abandoned Star Wars because of fan harassment, film journalists were fine with it


Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran reportedly deleted her Instagram posts because of fan harassment. Many film journalists and bloggers are now loudly supporting her. Tran shouldn’t trust them too much, though. As soon as she does a movie they hate, most of them won’t care if she’s harassed anymore.

When George Lucas made the Prequels and altered the Original Trilogy, many fans went nuts. Some compared the creator of Star Wars to a rapist. Others fantasized about killing him. It went on for many years. In January 2012, Lucas finally announced that he would retire from Lucasfilm and the movie business.

“Why would I make any more,” Lucas says of the “Star Wars” movies, “when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?”

Later in the year, he sold Lucasfilm to Disney and chose Kathleen Kennedy to take over and supervize the future Star Wars movies.

“It was fine before the Internet,” he told Bloomberg Businessweek following the Lucasfilm sale. “But now . . . it’s gotten very vicious and very personal. You just say, ‘Why do I need to do this?’ ”

(source: Vanity Fair)

You’ll hardly find articles condemning the endless bashing of George Lucas. Most film journalists and bloggers were fine with it. At that time, they agreed with the infuriated fans on the Prequels and the Special Editions, so they chose to tolerate all their excesses.

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  • KirkMan1701

    Infuriating! There is no excuse to be perfectly fine with the online fan harassment that George Lucas received for the Star Wars prequels, those endless complaints were very toxic and hurtful and should not be justified as things like “opinion” and “free speech”. And no, I do not respect or tolerate those prequel-bashing man-children’s ruthless opinion one bit since it has abused Lucas and anyone else who enjoys or defends the Star Wars prequels. I treat the character of Rey the same way those bastards treat Jar Jar Binks such as chucking Rey out the airlock on the Enterprise at high warp in return for their years of violence against Jar Jar Binks since they must reap what they sew. However, I will not condone any online harassment in my name over it especially since I have been harassed for several years all because I refuse to respect a pissy hatred of The Lion King and it made me miserable, causing me to censor myself online and close and move accounts. Harassment is not the answer and is only the aggressive tactic of the coward who cannot handle even the tiniest bit of criticism or challenge to their perceptions etc and that is why they bulled Lucas since their expectations and views were based on JUNK.

    • joe

      do you remember the channel g4? they were the worst with prequel and lucas bashing just as a skit where lucas is shot every time he says something prequel related it was petty mean-spirited and tasteless there psycho fans out there that sort of thing would encourage them luckily karma caught up with them for there prequel and lucas hate good riddance

      • KirkMan1701

        Good one! My shooting Rey from the Sequel Trilogy out the airlock of the TMP Enterprise at high warp is a fictional scenario of that karma catching up to them for their prequel/Lucas hate and anti-Jar Jar Binks violence. I have not heard of channel g4 before and I am sorry that to hear that they are mean-spirited and psychotic hateboys. They even think that the Sando Aqua Monster saving the bongo from the Opee Sea Killer and Colo Claw Fish is evil and somehow makes Jar Jar bad which shows their dietary bigotry for all to see and no, I am NOT making this up:

  • Alexrd

    They’re all a bunch of spineless hypocrites. There’s nothing more to be said. I don’t call them ‘journalists’ because they never behaved like one.

  • Of Mice and Men

    Y’know, when I look over what the Alt-Left is up to, I cannot help but imagine that this is all some orchestrated attempt to drive Liberals (classical, of course + the growing #WalkAway camp), Centrists, Conservatives even MORE to the right, much to their own detriment.

    What will people say of these Alt-Lefts (SJWs) in the future? They’re all fixated with the “now”. But there’s no, and I mean ZERO, view to the future. By this, I mean

    * Clueless as to the backlash this kind of pathology will eventually cause. Is this the fodder for a future civil war, a guerrilla-based war? Because, they’re not prepared! They’re relying on the on some vague hope that the state will support them, as if they’re so “Left” that they’re the absolute seat of Political Correctness.

    * Clueless as to their own futures. This stuff doesn’t go away. What they post (for example) in social media will follow them around forever. James Gunn (deletes 10K tweets). Rian Johnson (deletes 20K tweets? Whoa! Wonder what HE swept under the rug, huh).

    * Clueless as to their own pasts. What made the U.S.A. the “USA” in the first place? If a Constitutional Republic is so wrong, so bad, so evil, why has it outlasted so many Democratic states? 200+ years demands a review and an understanding, not mindless hostility.

    * Clueless as to facts. They refuse to research their claims, their views, and so on. Why else is the #WalkAway movement so effective?

    They sink to the lowest for of discourse the moment someone isn’t on their exact level of Alt-Left-ness: “Racist!! Sexist!! Misogynist!! X-phobe!! Y-phobe!! Z-phobe!!” But they don’t actually help any of the groups they claim they’re helping. Their virtues are nothing more than words painted on an umbrella they hide behind. And when that’s the case, the fiery rage of the views will eventually burn that umbrella, leaving them in the rain, holding the umbrella frame to use as a weapon.

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