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Rumor: Obi-Wan Kenobi movie to debut on Disney’s new streaming service?


From The Playlist:

“[…] To weigh in a bit more and confuse matters, here’s what I’ve heard from a Disney source, at least six months ago, but never reported and I’m going to stress I have no confirmation, so we’ll have to treat as hard rumor. I was told long ago that Stephen Daldry was off the project and not directing the Obi-Wan film. Is that why confirmation was never given, or anything was announced? It’s a good guess, but none of us really know.

I’d also heard, and granted, I found this to be fairly dubious at the time, was that the Obi-Wan film was going to be saved for Disney’s upcoming unnamed subscription-based streaming service; the one they hope to compete against Netflix with.

Now, that’s a great idea. What way to make a gigantic splash with a new streaming service than to announce that a new “Star Wars” film is coming and only subscribers of the service—much like a Netflix-only exclusive—would be able to see the movie. I’m sure Disney has some kind of plans like that in the works, but whether or not that’s the Obi-Wan movie, I’m not sure I’d place that bet. […]”


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