Prequel Trilogy,  The Phantom Menace

Yoda actor Frank Oz says he “loved Jar Jar Binks”, “a great character”


Frank Oz puppeteered Yoda and provided his voice in the Star Wars saga.


    • Cryogenic

      You’re right. He firmly defended him at the premiere of “The Force Awakens” in December 2015:

      Interviewer: Do you have a favourite character from “The Force Awakens”?

      Frank Oz: I haven’t seen enough to see [say]. But I love Jar Jar Binks. I swear to God I do. George did Jar Jar Binks — when I saw that script, I thought he was a fantastic character and I don’t know what the heck happened. George was so wonderful with that thing so — I’m a Jar Jar Binks fan, just so you know that . . . I thought he was fantastic. He was hysterical. Reminded me of Abbott and Costello. I don’t know what the whole deal was, but I thought George was really smart with it. I thought he was wonderful.

  • Cryogenic

    Very classy tweet from Mister Oz! If Yoda and Miss Piggy both love ya, then you’re probably doing something right.

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