George Lucas,  Solo

L3-37’s droid rights activism in Solo: A Star Wars Story was inspired by George Lucas


From Target’s exclusive storybook of Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K Ultra HD (via Matthew Vlossak)

“Lando Calrissian’s literally self-made copilot L3-37 is the first mechanical being in Star Wars to embody another idea that George Lucas devised in the early 2000s: droid rights activism and autonomy.”



  • Eduardo Vargas

    “Part of the fun of Threepio is that he has no soul. He is programmed to think in a particular way and be compassionate but he doesnt really know what that means”. – George Lucas.

    I wonder how that quote fits into that context

    • Alexrd

      It doesn’t, which exposes their false narrative. This is just Lucasfilm falsely shoving their bad decisions on Lucas.

      No. Lucas didn’t introduce any notion of droid rights. Droids are machines, programmed to do tasks and interact in a particular way. To make an obnoxious SJW droid is the opposite of what Lucas did. In other words, it’s the opposite of what Star Wars really is about.

  • Raoul Richter

    Yeah, let’s just say that everything bad about new movies is Lucas’ fault! Let’s keep Lucasbashing alive so that people forget how weak and pathetic our movies are!

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