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The Phantom Menace actor Greg Proops has a new role in Resistance series


From Syfy Wire:

“[Star Wars Resistance] definitely has a lot of deep cuts from the canon, both as joke references and serious moments. For example, Greg Proops, who portrayed half of the double-headed podracing announcer Fode and Beed in The Phantom Menace, comes back to announce races on the Colossus as a character named Jak Sivrak. Jak Sivrak is a play on the name Lak Sivrak, the wolf man from the Cantina scene in A New Hope who was replaced in the Special Edition of the movie.

[Bobby] Moynihan himself plays a character named Orka, a Chadra Fan, which is the same species as the little bat-like creature Kabe from A New Hope.

“We’re nerds,” series executive producer Athena Portillo said in reference to those truly deep deep cuts.

Head writer Brandon Auman says, “When we had the chance to do that, to get Greg Proops to come in and do an announcer voice as an homage to Phantom Menace, it was like why not?” […]”

Note: Proops played Fode, the head who speaks in basic.


  • joe

    i don’t get why people hated the podrace announcer it was a parody of sports announcers some star wars fans think everything should be dark and serious

    • Cryogenic

      Also a riff on one of the film’s major motifs: Duality.

      Padme/Amidala (handmaiden/queen)
      Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan (master/apprentice)
      The Jedi/The Sith (selflessness/selfishness)
      Palpatine/Valorum (ambition/impotence)
      Senate Rotunda/Podracing Circuit (gerrymandering/gambling)
      Naboo (water/fertility)/Tatooine (sand/struggle)

      “This is getting out of hand — Now there are TWO of them…”
      “Always two there are”
      (A duality in itself)

      Etc., etc.

      All leading to the birth of saviour twins and that classic binary sunset at the end of the trilogy.

      Note the cleverness of the two-headed announcer: a) Announcing things (like an in-movie announcer/annotator), and b) Each “head” speaks a different language (reflecting the bilingual communication structure of the movie and the fact that two abutting languages — one regional, one more global — are plainly spoken by several characters within the film).

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