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Rumor: is Matt Smith playing a young Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode IX?


From The Weekly Planet (at 22:57):

“I heard the rumor that [Matt Smith] is actually playing a young Emperor Palpatine. […] Apparently there’s quite a lot of it so it might not be a flashback. It could be a clone. Also Star Wars Rebels introduced time-travel. And in Star Wars Rebels the Emperor is trying to open portals to this nothing-dimension where you can visit points in time. […]”


  • archdukeofnaboo

    I’m not really feeling this one. The ST is supposed to be about letting go and moving on from the past. Recycling a villain who has nothing to prove after thrilling us in the Prequels (even the haters will admit this) strikes me as bizarre, and I don’t think it can be more than wild speculation. Re-canonising the Darth Plagueis and/or making a film out of it would be a better option.

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