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Star Wars Resistance’s Buggles is based on a design developed for The Phantom Menace


Star Wars Resistance is here! The animated series follows Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono, a young pilot recruited by the Resistance and tasked with a top-secret mission to spy on the growing threat of the First Order. Visit following each episode for “Bucket’s List Extra,” an expansion of our weekly fun-facts video series Bucket’s List. In this installment, we look at “Secrets and Holograms.”

Bucket’s List Extra – “Secrets and Holograms”


1. Bring on Buggles.

Buggles is based on a design developed by Terryl Whitlatch, a concept artist on Star WarsThe Phantom Menace. She illustrated a creature called a voorpak, an eight-legged furball pet favored by Naboo aristocracy. Buggles may be a designer breed, as he is six-legged, not eight.



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