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Fake news alert: No, Darth Sidious hasn’t been “confirmed” as Anakin’s father


Many clickbait headlines claim that Darth Sidious has been ‘confirmed’ as Anakin Skywalker’s father in the last issue of Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. That’s not true.

Spoiler warning.


Darth Vader sees Sidious using his powers on Schmi Skywalker’s belly, but it’s all part of a strange vision caused by the dark side of the Force. The vision includes many other things that never happened, like Vader’s shadow killing Yoda or Sidious killing Obi-Wan.



So there’s no confirmation that Anakin was created by Sidious. It could be true, but maybe it’s just Vader’s imagination or a trick of the dark side.


  • joe

    screen rant(another site that doesn’t know when to stop bashing the prequels)reported this as fact they must be embarrassed they may have updated that either way they look stupid (as they should be after years of trashing lucas and the prequels)

  • archdukeofnaboo

    A comic book has no right to screw up the brilliant ambiguity created around that question in RotS. You can argue whether it was the intercession of two Dark Lords of the Sith or the Force itself to your hearts content – something that has to be valued. I lean towards the latter, I have a terribly hard time buying into much of what a serial liar like Palpatine saids.

    • Alexrd

      Sidious could never have created Anakin in any capacity. Revenge of the Sith makes that clear. Only Plagueis ever had the power to manipulate midi-chlorians. And even the idea that Plagueis was involved in Anakin’s conception is pure speculation.

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