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New synopsis revealed for Star Wars: Master & Apprentice





  • archdukeofnaboo

    I’m super excited for this novel. There are so many mysteries lingering about this particular master-padowan partnership. And I’m dieing to hear Qui-Gon give us his unfiltered take on the Jedi Council.

      • Alexrd

        Don’t know who Claudia Gray is nor how is that supposed to ease my skepticism and address my point.

        And I’m not sure what you mean with “hate bandwagon”. There’s only the expected annoyance and logical criticism to how Disney has continously desecrated George’s characters and story with their OOC fan fiction.

        I don’t follow bandwagons. I make up my own mind.

        There was a time where I expected more PT material. But that was before it was revealed to us how Disney was developing the material they were in charge of. Since then, ‘ve been glad that they hadn’t touched the PT. We have all seen what happened with the OT characters. Specially Luke.

      • archdukeofnaboo

        You haven’t even read the novel yet – it’s absolutely ludicrous for you to be smearing it at this early stage.

        In case you didn’t know, Claudia Gray is the author of the most well-received SW novel – Bloodlines – since the acquisition. I would advice having a little faith and be grateful we’ve got a prequel-era book coming out. If it does well we may just see many more in the future.

        You can’t complain about the overabundance of sequel material and then act all gatekeeper about the PT. That is just nonsense.

      • Alexrd

        I don’t need to read the novel to know that it’s someone’s interpretation of the character. I don’t need to read the novel to cringe at the quote attributed to the character posted above.

        That she’s the author of the most “well received” Disney novel is irrelevant to my point. Abrams is the director of the most “well received” movie. Am I supposed to accept whatever he makes? Am I supposed to silence myself because the majority received well a certain work? No. I couldn’t care less about what’s the most “well received” Star Wars work from Disney. It’s Disney making Star Wars. It’s fan fiction.

        And I’m not gatekeeping anything. You don’t need my permission or approval to want, gush over, praise or enjoy something that Disney makes. You’re free to express your desires and criticisms and I’m free to express mine.

        As I’ve explained before, I used to complain about the absence of PT material until I discovered how Disney was making their material. Since then (and this was before TFA was released), I’ve been glad that the PT was safe from Disney’s desire for desecration. The OT was not so lucky. And not that it’s beginning to backfire, they are using the PT as bait (just like they did with the OT three years ago) for the remaining people who haven’t completely lost their interest, or are apathetic towards the franchise.

  • archdukeofnaboo


    Yes, you are gatekeeping. You don’t want any of the prequel era material to be touched, and you provide no valid reason for dismissing a novel that we haven’t even seen, other than the “Disney = the Devil” strawman.

    You are free to dislike any of the Star Wars films, or books, for whatever reason of your choice, but you’re refusal to grant Gray’s upcoming work even a chance is downright ridiculous. This is the association fallacy, plain and simple.

    • Alexrd

      No, I’m not gatekeeping (except my own wallet and attention, which I’m still allowed to do). Disney does need my permission to make Star Wars.

      As for those fallacy accusations, they don’t apply. At all.

      Disney, through their published works (in various mediums), has continuously proven to not be able to do justice to the franchise. They are arrogant, incapable of honoring the original creator and his material, incapable of building and planning their own vision, and incapable of being consistent with not just Lucas’ material, but their own material (i.e: fan fiction).

      Why should I, all of a sudden, give a chance to a random novel? To dismiss Disney material is only logical behaviour, not a strawman. Disney created the premiss that serves as foundation to my logical conclusion.

      I’m of the opinion that Disney is not capable of handling the characters, story and setting they inherited from Lucas. They are arrogant. They dismissed the creator of the franchise to do their own agenda-driven fan fiction. Therefore Disney making something about those characters ought to be dismissed by me. Also, you seem to ignore my criticism of the content that they have published, and that Anthony posted.

      Whenever they decide to adapt and follow Lucas material, I’ll give them a chance. At least I know it comes from the source and they didn’t conceive it. And even then, I’l be cautious for whatever changes, no matter how subtle, they might make to the source material. After all, they are the only gatekeepers of Star Wars. And sicne they didn’t create it, they are not to be trusted.

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