• Will Reardon

    Thanks to the recent Solo film, Han’s last name was given to him by an Imperial officer as a euphemism for orphan.

    According to the Kasdans, the scene was inspired by Godfather Part 2 and the origins of Vito Corleone’s last name.

    In any case, it makes an awkward irony for the franchise’s hero and bloodline.

  • Will Reardon

    Since Disney has declared Star Wars is no longer the story of Luke, to many fans of the franchise, Last Jedi is when the mouse became the rat.

  • archdukeofnaboo

    Either Rey is a member of the Skywalker family, and thus Saga, or she’s the daughter of ‘junk traders’ – in which case you can pat yourself on the back for that oh so uplifting ‘born from nothing’ message, which, by the way, is also very unfantasty-like.

    You cannot have it both ways, Delilah.

    Also: please educate yourself on a character called Padmé Amidala, who just so happens to be quite a big part of the “Skywalker Saga” and grandmother to the Ben you speak of.

  • Cryogenic

    “The Skywalker Saga”

    Dominated by the usual OT imagery.

    It’s the 1970s! Where Luke is in pyjamas, Vader does a geriatric dance with Obi-Wan, and Han and Luke argue about who gets to rip Leia’s clothes off first! And some mission to blow up a dull disco ball in space.

    Really looking forward to this book.

    “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered.”

    I’m giving it three out of four Angry McCallums.

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