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C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels is headed to Star Wars Celebration Chicago


“Thank the maker!

Anthony Daniels, the legendary actor who brought the goldenrod droid C-3PO to life in every Star Wars saga film so far as well as Rogue One, is headed to Star Wars Celebration Chicago.


Join him on Sunday at 5:15 p.m. as he presents “Droidography” on the Galaxy Stage, an hour of personal stories, hilarious wit, and an unforgettable in-person experience. Expect the unexpected as Daniels has a marvelous time, sometimes at the expense of unsuspecting audience members.

Or meet the man behind your favorite protocol droid in room W190A all day on Saturday and Sunday of Celebration weekend to get an autograph, snap a selfie, or say hello in one of over six million forms of communication. […]

Star Wars Celebration Chicago will take place April 11-15 at McCormick Place.


  • jppiper

    he should be banned like david prowse for trashing the prequels and should apologize to lucas and kenny baker(even tough it’s too late for the latter)

  • Cryogenic

    @ Joe / Joey / jpppiper

    I’m not in favour of heresy hunting and I don’t think Anthony Daniels should be banned. He’s a living legend. No one could have brought Threepio to life like he did and I’m very glad he’s attending this year’s Celebration.

    True, he did make some disparaging remarks toward the prequels, and they were disappointing to read. On the other hand, he backtracked a little, and I can’t hold it against him for speaking his mind. Additionally, he’s also thrown some shade on Disney; at least when he complained about the Kafka-esque levels of secrecy surrounding TFA.

    Of course, I’ve enjoyed pointing out the negativity and flagrant idiocy of some LFL employees, but I cut AD a bit more slack, because he’s been with the whole enterprise of Star Wars from the start, and overall, he has spoken very positively and amusingly of the films, and with a certain wit and alacrity, to boot.

    I never tracked with his fighting/falling out with Kenny Baker too well; so won’t pass judgement. I have no idea what AD or any of the cast are truly like “behind the scenes”, but I know some people consider him “difficult”. Whatever the case, he brought an iconic character to life in a brilliant way, helping make the series what it is, and he is clearly very wedded to his character, too; and I’ll always admire him for that.

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