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Tarfful will appear in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


From Game Informer:

“[…] Kashyyyk was one of the battlegrounds that defined the Clone Wars. In Revenge of the Sith, Yoda and the wookiees led the Grand Army of the Republic to victory over the Separatists, but the celebration didn’t last long. In the wake of this brief moment of peace, the Empire rose, the wookiees were enslaved, and their world was blockaded and scraped for resources.

Jedi: Fallen Order gives players an intimate look at Kashyyyk as it is being devastated by the Empire. The invading army is not subtle in its intent. As vehicles and troops lay waste to the wildlife and its wookiee defenders, huge refineries are constructed to drain the sap from the trees and harvest the other valuable resources from the land. The melding of wilderness and ridged steel delivers a powerful message on its own, but players also see the operation in full effect.

[Former Padawan] Cal [Kestis] and [former Jedi Knight] Cere’s mission takes them to Kashyyyk to meet with Tarfful, a wookiee chieftain who played a pivotal role in defending his people during the Separatist attack. […]


“A massive Wookiee general, Tarfful helped defend his native Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. A distress signal brought Tarfful and his most trusted warriors rushing to Chewbacca’s help against the hated Trandoshans on the hunting grounds of Wasskah. Later, Tarfful and Chewbacca fought side by side with General Yoda on the battlegrounds of Kashyyyk.”

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