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Rumor: Will this Prequel Trilogy planet appear in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?


From Making Star Wars:

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Today we have a weird Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker update. Up first is some concept art from what we believe to mainly be from The Rise of Skywalker. When it comes to a wall or a board with concept art you can never be too certain. But a friend of passed this image onto us from a location where work on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in full swing. The images are rough but appreciated.

It would be an overstep to pretend we know what any of this stuff actually pertains to. We have some guesses and yours are as good as ours so feel free to help us make some better guesses here. The first image is the best look at the images in the resolution we received them. The following images are a lame attempt at shouting “enhance!” at the screen until something happens.

Are these these pieces on this board in order or just randomly placed on the board?

A few of the images have a very Mustafar vibe to them with fire and a castle. There are rumors that Rey and Kylo fight there, possibly during a “flash fight” sequence. But we also heard rumors about a creepy monastery type place that Kylo takes his helmet to where an ape type creature helps his forge his mask into the cracked red version we’ve seen.





  • jppiper

    They can do what they want to appease the fans of the prequels who they alienated and pissed off with their arrogant attitude and the promise of practical effects and these movies will be what the prequels should have been but the damage has been done

      • jppiper

        earlier some jerk responded to my comment i used an f-bomb on him(which i shouldn’t have done) guess he thought i was a crybaby for speaking out my complaints about the sequel trilogy

      • Cryogenic

        Ah! Yes. I saw that there were additional comments according to the comment tally, but they were obviously deleted.

        Don’t worry about it, Joe. It shows that criticism of the new films by prequel fans, on a prequel news site / blog, no less (!!), is genuinely getting to some people.

        Moreover, to quote Jim Raynor from his classic rebuttal of the RedLetterMedia TPM review, “A Study In Fanboy Stupidity”:

        “An opinion is just personal belief, that doesn’t have to be justified by anything at all. If someone simply says “I like the color red,” then who are you to dispute that? How can anyone even dispute that? You can’t. Similarly, if someone just says, “I didn’t like [the Disney films],” then he is entitled to that opinion. Pure opinions reside in safe territory, and can’t be disputed on logical grounds since they aren’t based on any logic to begin with.”

        Of course, pure opinions are based on logic — but personal, subjective logic (AKA taste, bias, and experience). And in that regard, as Raynor says, it’s silly to get bent out of shape when someone expresses an opinion on a work of art or entertainment, pro or con. There’s no point in trashing the person, as that’s just resorting to ad hominem. It shows that whoever goes that road lacks the confidence to respond with reasonable counter assertions, implying they are insecure in their own opinions. Debate, discussion, and repartee are all fine; but bashing someone purely on the basis of their preferences is something else.

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Good to see you return to the blog!

        Still waiting to hear your take on the Palpatine problem.

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