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See the new Sith Trooper from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

From StarWars.com:

“At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Lucasfilm will celebrate the history of stormtrooper design — and the future.

Fans attending the mega pop-culture event (July 18-21) will be treated to a new exhibit of trooper armor from across the Star Wars saga, including a first look at the next evolution in Imperial/First Order soldiers: the “Sith trooper” from the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s a modern and more menacing look befitting its namesake.

“It has some really unique aesthetics to it,” says Madlyn Burkert, Lucasfilm archivist, who is co-producing the exhibit. “And it has some subtle ties to previous stormtrooper designs, which I think fans will enjoy discovering.” There will be a selection of new “Early Release Edition” Sith trooper products debuting at SDCC, which you can see below. […]



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  • Cryogenic

    So… It’s a First Order stormtrooper (already itself a rip-off OT stormtrooper design) painted red.

    “Really unique aesthetics”??? Give me a flippin’ break.

    This is even worse / more stupid than the empty gimmick of Captain Phasma.

    Fool me once, shame on you… Is there any tired rehash / reskin / con job that Abrams and Co. won’t go as low as to actually pull on fans and enact for real; and, with hipster audacity, pass off as innovative and inspired?

    I know we had darker-coloured (red-brown) battle droids in AOTC, but that was a lot more subtle, and the battle droids were a design unique to the prequels. Lucas also brought genuine variety to the designs: battle droids were flanked by “supers” and “destroyer” variants in the PT, while stormtroopers were augmented by snowtroopers and scout troopers in the second and third chapters of the OT.

    It doesn’t take much to destroy the grain of hope (or naive optimism) I have left for the final sequel trilogy installment. This action figure announcement seems like a bellwether for the last film: tired, lazy, and exploitative in the extreme. But that’s been Disney’s sequel trilogy M.O. from the beginning. Putting Star Wars to work on the plantation, to ring in those dollars, just because it’s easier than taking creative risks. White slavers, indeed.

    • Cryogenic

      @ Chad:

      Too many fallacies to unpack there. Sounds like you’re a little insecure about people having strong opinions that differ from your own…

    • Marshall

      Disney is a powerful multi-media corporation. It doesn’t need protection from the likes of you, Chad-not-so-Special. In fact it deserves every criticism thrown its way.

    • Cryogenic

      @ Chad:

      “I once thought protesting bad choices and boycotting would give us what we want.”

      Ah… So that is the source of your pain. Or one potential source of your pain.

      Your angry, hateful cant — which you, ironically, employ in the service of telling other people not to give into anger and hatred — appears to derive from frustration. And you seem to think other people should share in your frustration and look at things the same way you do. Which is a major problem with human beings in general. So at least you’re in good company. In addition: you are assuming a lot about other people’s motives. Lastly: attacking other people for their opinion(s) is the ad hominem fallacy.

      “BTW, I am “so special”, because I always get letters back from Disney and help them get what they want and in return they reward me with stuff we work hard for. So, I AM SPECIAL. YOU, on the other hand, are NOTHING but a relic of an era of Star Wars that is in the past.”

      “I’m still Disney’s favorite customer. More than you ever will be.”

      Nothing conceited in these comments. Nothing whatsoever.

      At least you admit to being a customer/consumer. The fact you would brag about it, however, is a very good indication — in my eyes — that we live in a hyper-materialistic culture. You are explicitly yet unconsciously paying tribute to an oppressive, destructive, vacuous, and unsustainable paradigm. It’s rather like boasting about one’s consumption of cigarettes or alcohol, or for that matter, pornography. Congratulations, I guess? But remember this (quoting back one of my fellow prequel friends): there is no prestige in the accumulation of anything.

      “Oh, and by the way, @cryogenic, u call me insecure when in reality, YOU are the one insecure and afraid because you will never be happy with some good things we get and will always find ways to be negative and can never be happy. NEVER.”

      It’s true. I’m something of a cynical and lugubrious fellow by nature (or a mixture of nature and experience). Honestly, I think I gravitate to the prequels, in part, for this reason. There is a great melancholic undercarriage to the prequels, in my estimation, and in Lucas’ film art in general. For everything bright and hopeful you might find within his films, there is an equivalent amount of quiet despair and oblique brooding; especially, I think, in the prequels. But if you believe I can never be happy — “NEVER” — then why bother attempting to reason with (or bellow) at me in the first place? Your approach strikes me as illogical and incoherent.

      “There are people like you and sometimes me who don’t like most of what Disney’s done (not use Lucas’s treatments for 7-9, cancel Clone Wars and 1313 etc.) but, I don’t always wallow in anger and hate and I find good things Disney has done (bring back Clone Wars for Disney Plus, give us a $120M live-action Star Wars TV series for Disney Plus with someone who has worked on the history of Mandalorians with George Lucas and Dave Filoni in the days of The Clone Wars).”

      You seem desperate to tell us about the reportedly “good” things that Disney have done or are doing, as if the rest of us — on a prequel-focused blog, no less — should just button our mouths and remain silent about all the questionable, disdainful, and disquieting aspects we subjectively perceive and dislike. To me, you’re acting like a religious fanatic with Stockholm syndrome, keen to cry “blasphemy” and “heresy” at every critical post you come across, and every sentiment that shakes the foundation of your belief in the “giving” nature of Disney and capitalistic enterprise as a whole.

      Also, I found it hilarious, earlier, when you quoted me back and put “white slavers” in quotation marks. It was George Lucas who first used that term in relation to Disney and their ownership of Star Wars, not me. So take it up with the series creator. Oh, but you can’t actually get mad at him, can you? Therefore, you are looking for easy targets and choosing to bash prequel loyalists on a prequel blog. Very noble, very brave.

      Ultimately, opinions differ. And in democratic societies, we have the human right to express our opinions, and not to be shamed, intimidated, or harassed out of them. Which your ever-so-gracious Walt Disney Company and its army of lawyers and slave-like followers have already attempted to do (business and democracy don’t mix). You should be happy this blog is one of the only places on the entire Internet where prequel fans can gather and reasonably speak their minds. Everywhere else is already a safe space or fast becoming one. Maybe you’d be happier anywhere else but here? Just a thought.

  • Stefan K

    Interestingly enough, I had to think of the Emperor’s Guard that wore Stormtrooper-like red armour if necessary (at least in Legends, see https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor's_Royal_Guard/Legends – you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the picture).
    Personally, I also consider this design to be an evolution, but nothing special. The difference between normal Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper etc. was bigger and is memorable IMHO.

  • Marshall

    “Sith Trooper”? Hmmm. Is this, like a stormtrooper that’s Force sensitive and has studied the sith arts? If that’s the case why would he (and I’m assuming it’s a he) want the rank of a lowly trooper when he could be a sith acolyte or Dark Jedi like Brakiss’ underlings in the Young Jedi series? The cover of Joe S. “Death Troopers” novel sent more shivers down my spine.

  • Slicer87

    One rumor is that these red nu-troopers are cloned from Luke’s severed hand from TESB. Though I doubt that as it would prevent them from having female and POC Sith troopers for woke points. They are supposed to be Kylo’s private death squad called the 706th. These Sith troopers are clearly a lame gimmick trooper meant to cash in on and replace the torn 501st fanbase.

    • Slicer87

      Also want to add that I am surprised they gave the Sith troopers’ blasters the features of modern sporting rifles such as A2 telescoping stocks and eotech style red dot sights considering JJ is pro gun control.

    • Stefan K

      I am not well-informed… What is happening at the 501st fanbase that you describe them as “torn”? I always thought that they embraced all kind of SW costumes, and this one will probably a nice variation (although it is by itself not that original as I have stated above).

      • Slicer87

        From what I have heard, the 501st is being taken over by SJW Disney shills who are adding more and more strict rules that are killing the fun and driving older members away as partvof the sad fulture war that Star Wars has become. Its so bad that even Ray Park and Daniel Logan have quit the 501st. Pretty much the new Disney guard is pushing out the old guard in the 501st and other SW roleplaying organizations.

      • Stefan K

        I did a (very quick) DuckDuckGo search. The reasons for Park and Logan quitting may or may not be caused by what you have stated (the descriptions are a bit vague). Sad thing, anyway.

  • Cryogenic

    @ Chad:

    “I’m just saying while we have a right to criticize Disney for some things they’ve done we haven’t like, we shouldn’t just be limited to hate and we also be happy and celebrate some good things they’ve done, like bring back The Clone Wars and make live-action Star Wars TV shows for Disney Plus. If we are limited to hate, we just look at all the other things coming that may be good and say “oh that sucks” when that may not be true.”

    Well, actually… If you go back and read my original post, the one that triggered this whole set of responses from you, you’ll see I was careful in the final paragraph to twice mention the sequel trilogy, and to not bash Disney’s handling of Star Wars as a whole. In other words, I was leaving the door open for a tiny bit of hope to slip through. Though I can’t say I’m overjoyed that Star Wars is now in the hands of Disney; and I haven’t been quiet about it.

    And as I said in a now-deleted set of exchanges with you in another thread:

    Disney bringing back “The Clone Wars” is the LEAST they can do. They were the ones that scrapped it in the first place, five years ago. One of a string of anti-prequel decisions taken with cold calculation on their part. But now we’re meant to be super grateful and genuflect at the altar of Disney because it’s been brought back; and any Oliver Twist-like impertinence from prequel fans means that prequel fans are backwards and “corrupt”?

    “Also, your notion for calling me an attacker of Prequel fans is way too extreme and a bit much to accuse me of doing, especially since I, myself, am a Prequel Trilogy fan and grew up during that era as well.”

    That doesn’t change the fact that you have spent considerable time verbally haranguing and assaulting prequel fans in a prequel discussion space. In my opinion, the worst type of Star Wars fan — if your label of “corrupt” is to have any meaning whatsoever — is the type of fan that sets out to repeatedly attack and berate others, merely for a difference of opinion; especially when they act like their own opinion/perspective is inherently superior. That is exactly the road that various prequel bashers went down for the first twenty years; and you, arguably, are now doing that in reverse (wanting other people to like/love something and disparaging them for showing displeasure/disdain).

    “If you do truly gravitate towards the prequels, then, you’d better put your money where your mouth is when the upcoming final episodes of The Clone Wars premiere on Disney Plus, because, those episodes coming back provide us with joy that we get more but sadness that those 12 episodes might be it and the show will end. In other words, from now on, you must prove it by supporting Prequel-era content like The Clone Wars, because, if you don’t, people like myself will find out and make you pay the price for failing to support it, Cryogenic.”

    I don’t think issuing threats to people or trying to guilt-trip them into a certain line of action (especially a line of action that lines the pockets of a powerful corporation) is a good idea, personally. I’ve never even been a lover of “The Clone Wars” to begin with. My focus has always been the films. And again: how generous of Disney to revive a property they killed, and by placing it on life support, offering a mere half-season of new episodes, which prequel fans must apparently throw their full weight behind, “or else”. Where was this maddening and unreasonable pressure when the sequels were being marketed? Oh, right. I remember. It took the form of intimidating people from criticising the new characters, plots, designs, etc. Yeah! Such a wonderful thing, it is, for Disney to now own Star Wars!

    “And , finally, you tell me I “should be happy this blog is one of the only places on the entire Internet where prequel fans can gather and reasonably speak their minds.” Well, I’m not because when I feel Prequel fans bash Disney for bad mistakes rather than thank Disney for making better choices, that exposes two things Star Wars fandom has been infected with ever since the Prequel Trilogy hate and the “George Lucas raped my childhood” BS: hate speech and also, but more importantly, CORRUPTION . . . All fandoms of Star Wars fandom are hateful and corrupt.”

    If they’re all corrupt, aren’t you fighting a lost battle? Won’t “The Clone Wars” fandom simply go the same way, regardless of what you do to change it?

    Look, if you’re a big fan of the series, then, by all means, support it. Support is never truly recognised, though.

    For instance, I donated money to the makers of “The Prequels Strike Back” documentary some years ago, because they asked for donations to help get it made. And as a long-term prequel defender myself, I thought I should “put my money where my mouth is” (so to speak) and register a drop of financial support, rather than merely talk about it or praise it in advance. It was time, I felt, to actually DO something… so I did.

    However, when I made some critical remarks about some of the pre-release material on TFN (while still remaining cautiously optimistic overall), my posts were later edited. The makers of the documentary applied legal pressure and succeeded in getting board content censored. And it’s not even their message board. A third party actively interfered with discussion and had prequel fans gagged. Prequel fans who had paid money — in advance! — to these same individuals, who then resorted to muzzling us because we said some mildly unfavourable things intermixed with more positive statements.

    I was disgusted when I discovered what happened, and I never watched the documentary, nor do I have any intention of doing so in the future. That situation taught me something of a harsh lesson. I think I already knew; but it made things a lot more vivid for me. Here is the lesson: what you consider “showing support” is often nothing more than making someone else rich at your own expense. They extract their share of the tithe, while you get nothing in return, other than being treated as a dissident/criminal. These people are all the same: they’re happy to take your money in a heartbeat, but extremely reluctant to offer anything back which they don’t lawfully have to.

    Again, if you personally want to support “The Clone Wars” or any other prequel-oriented projects coming down the pike, that’s fine. But don’t expect other people to part with their cash or begin making nice noises for the sake of it. Not everyone shares your optimism; and they’re under no obligation to.

  • Slicer87

    A bit late but something I forgot to point out was why are the red troopers called Sith Troopers instead of Ren Troopers? You know, Kylo is a Ren, not Sith, of did JJ change his mind?

    • Cryogenic

      @ Slicer:

      Good point.

      Internally, they probably regret binning Lucas’ sequel treatments and distancing themselves from the prequels. The naming could be a tacit concession that their own alternatives don’t hold up; as well as a carrot-on-stick scheme (try saying that five times fast) to draw people in with name recognition and make a few more bucks as a result.

      And don’t forget: They went back to George himself for guidance and recommendations, to allegedly help bring the entire saga full circle with IX. Uncle George may have suggested bringing back Palpatine (who we know is going to have some sort of presence in the final film), and if that’s the case, maybe he also suggested they should import Palpatine’s philosophical “coat of arms” (so to speak) and try wrapping up the Sith storyline.

      Recall that in the final act of ROTS, when Yoda confronts Palpatine in his “Darth Sidious” guise and blocks him from leaving his under-the-Senate office area, Sidious boasts, “You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.” That line is somewhat curious, hinting that Sidious actually cares more for destroying the Jedi and putting the Sith back on top than his own life, making it something of a throwback to Maul’s iconic remark to his master in Episode I: “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.” So maybe we’re going to see the final piece falling into place…

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