Prequel Trilogy,  The Clone Wars

The next season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will premiere in february on Disney+


“Guests at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim today received a sneak peek at three all-new streaming series set in the Star Wars galaxy gearing up for launch and one fan-favorite that will be returning in February. […]


Next, the Emmy Award-winning animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will make its triumphant return in February of 2020. Fans created a global #SaveTheCloneWars campaign several years ago for creator Dave Filoni to be able to finish the series, and their voices were heard. The series will finally provide the epic conclusion to the critically-acclaimed series that fans have been asking for, bringing the story up to the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sithand Order 66.”



  • Liam Orb


    After months of waiting, now I know.

    It’s about damn time.

    Do u guys know or have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this show to come back? Any idea?

    This was my favorite TV show/TV series of all time. Now I finally know when I can see the final season.

    I’ll be ready in 6 months for the return of The Clone Wars on Disney Plus. #CloneWarsSaved

    • archdukeofnaboo

      @Liam Orb

      I was thrilled to hear it was returning too, although I will admit that I didn’t follow the programme during its original 2008-13 run. I was at that point in life where I was turning away from all forms of animation. But what a pleasant surprise it was when I finally did tune in!

      I do have some concerns though. Why return for just 3 arcs? Surely they’re going to give us more than that if this is the “epic conclusion” ie the final season? One of these arcs was even already partly made: The Bad Batch. And I mean, if they announced its return at SDCC in July, 2018, where they already had a trailer done, it means they’ll have spent 2 years working on it by the time it drops on the streaming service next February.

      I love the character of Ahsoka as much as any hardcore Clone Wars, but we must remember there are other important characters too: Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padmé. Characters who, for all intents and purposes, are all dead by the close of Episode III. Well, okay, Obi-Wan isn’t, he gets to survive on a dessert planet, but his life is still so vastly different, so upside-down to how it was during the Clone War. Ahsoka, on the other hand, is alive by the OT and may very well be too during the ST.

      The OT may be the heart of Star Wars, but the Republic-era has always fascinated me the most – I can analyse it all day and night. There are a lot of things I can still imagine the main characters doing and saying in the year leading up to RotS, and I hope we get some of that.

      Why put in so much effort if we’re only getting ten 20 minute episodes? These are the characters people care about, and we should stay exploring them and their time.

      • Liam Orb

        Because, @archdukeofnaboo, the reason so much work is being put into it is because Filoni wants it to end on a high note and a proper conclusion the way Lucas would’ve wanted.

        Oh, BTW, the description for the final season teases the characters you just mentioned, so, you’ll get those characters.

        And, Filoni is doing these three arcs because he feels having these three arcs together will tell a connected story of Ahsoka and Rex that will end the series.

      • archdukeofnaboo

        @Liam Orb

        Three arc is nothing. Have you not seen how many episodes, how many seasons they still had planned when Disney pulled the plug on them following the acquisition?

        Why does this have to become the Ahsoka Tano show? She’d already bravely left the Jedi Order at the end of season 6, in what couldn’t have been a finer exit. Why not spend time with the characters who don’t have the luxury of surviving into old age? It is almost inevitable that Ahsoka is going to crop up in some live-action format in the years to come – there is no need to grant her the entirety of the remaining Clone Wars.

        I have a of faith in Filoni, but I’m really frustrated by how narrow they’re focusing this Clone Wars revival.

        Will there be a storyline involving Anakin in this new season that hasn’t already been told (ie The Bad Batch mock-up) ? Answer me that.

        Rebels is finished, and they’ve decided to pack-up Resistance after just 2 seasons after the fans rejected it – why not stay put with the most beloved animation, The Clone Wars? Why the hurry to move on? Is Filoni really working full-time on The Mandalorian?

        I think there are so many more stories to be told from the Clone War period. And as the two recent novels, Master & Apprentice and Queen’s Shadow proved, the Republic Republic is very rich territory. Of course my own dream is for a live-action series to be set here, but I’m crossing my fingers the new Obi-Wan series may have the potential to do some of that via flashbacks.

      • jpieper668

        i think there are so many More Stories to be told from The Clone War Period
        the problem with that is That The Clone Wars lasted Three Years unless they have more months in a year than 12

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