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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker poster revealed

From StarWars.com:

“Emperor Palpatine casts an unmistakable shadow over the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker poster unveiled Saturday during a panel at D23 Expo.

In the haunting image, Rey and Kylo Ren appear in silhouette, lightsabers ignited, seemingly locked in a duel while perched precariously on a piece of debris. In the background, bolts of lightning illuminate their struggle, highlighted in blue and red to match their opposing lightsaber blades.

And peering out from the background, larger than life, a face set deep in shadow seems to look directly into our own eyes: the face of Emperor Palpatine, first heard cackling at the end of the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, released at Star Wars Celebration Chicago earlier this year. Take a closer look for yourself at the full image below! […]”



  • Carlos Cuevas

    Disney and Lucasfilm: “Let the past die, kill it if you have to”

    also Disney and Lucasfilm: “Oh sh*t no one likes our new characters let’s put Lando and Palpatine in episode IX”

    At least this horrible fan-fiction will be over soon.

    • Stefan K

      There was some speculation in the comment section of this site that Palpatine may only appear in flashbacks or holo-videos. However, his appearance on this poster suggests that he is actively involved in the course of events in TRoS and that he is still the puppet master…
      His position in the background echoes Darth Maul’s appearance on the TPM poster – a bit of ring structure there is.

      And now my 2 cents… I just hope that Snokes was Plagueis after all (whatever you think of his death) and that there is a really good explanation for Sidious’ return.
      Otherwise, I fear that we have a) a crumbled Jedi order, b) a dead Luke who is survived by the personification of Evil in the SW universe – after defeating this personification in the IMHO best possible way together with his father, and c) (ultimate fear) no Anakin Force ghost so that Palpatine gets his big return while we never see the Chosen One who should have defeated the personification of Evil for good in RotJ. And no offense to all who like or love the ST – but it is already not my cup of tea and never will if b) or c) come true.

    • archdukeofnaboo


      It certainly reeks of desperation for be bringing back Palpatine, when he’s clearly supposed to be dead – or vaporised if he watch the reactor shaft closely. We saw the perfect conclusion to his arc in Episode VI, and more recently we had his extraordinary path to power illustrated in the prequels. What more do we need of him?

      If Disney Lucasfilm are going to go out of there way to install this totally unrelated nobody called Rey, who boasts of Jedi-like powers without any explanation, why can they not stick to their guns with their mysterious villain too?

      There is, I believe, a way that Abrams could integrate Palpatine properly. But it requires reorientating Episode IX away from Rey and onto what’s believed to be the last remaining Skywalker: Kylo Ren. When you think about, from Episode II to III, there was a big shift of the story onto Anakin (shared duty in AotC), so it has been done before.

      So I really am hoping that Kylo Ren becomes the prime focus in the final film of this Sequel trilogy. I’m a big of Adam Driver as an actor, and there’s no other character whose had as interesting an arc as he’s had so far. Luke is dead, Rey is dull and boring – he is our only hope.

      And Palpatine would love to get his hands on Anakin’s grandson.

      • Stefan K

        “And Palpatine would love to get his hands on Anakin’s grandson.”
        To make him his apprentice – or to have the ultimate revenge on the Skywalker family. (No worries, he will not succeed in either case, this is SW after all.)

      • archdukeofnaboo


        “Otherwise, I fear that we have a) a crumbled Jedi order, b) a dead Luke who is survived by the personification of Evil in the SW universe – after defeating this personification in the IMHO best possible way together with his father, and c) (ultimate fear) no Anakin Force ghost so that Palpatine gets his big return while we never see the Chosen One who should have defeated the personification of Evil for good in RotJ”

        You’ve just outlined my worst nightmare. If Palpatine is to have a big day out in Episode IX, and Anakin is to be a no-show, it completely sabotages the arc of the latter character in Episode VI. He is redeemed because not only does he refuse to kill his son, but because he rids the Galaxy of the monster who ruled and created the empire in the first place. There was nobody else who could do this, and he ends up sacrificing his life. The idea then that evil incarnate survives, while Anakin does nothing, when Jedi are the only ones – according to Lucas – who can live on beyond death, is simply unbearable. You know, it would actually be more disgusting than what happened Luke in Episode VIII.

        Turning to your b fear. Unlike with Anakin, I’m a solid 95% sure than Luke will play a significant role in this (we’re told) last film. He’ll at least be a Force Ghost, and he might well even fight Kylo from beyond the grave. I don’t think Rey can be given an easy path to victory, and Abrams will know that this time. We’ll have Luke & Rey Vs Palpatine & Kylo in the final battle, at the very least.

        Will Yoda show up? In the name of the Force, please no. We had enough of him in Episode VIII, and I detested the idea of undoing the great CGI of the PT with a horrible puppet. He’s given his advice to Luke, so how how about Luke’s father, you know, the progenitor of this so-called “Skywalker Saga”, show up?

        The emphasis on “Skywalker” does give one hope. And it appears Kylo may be searching for some relic related to Vader, on perhaps Mustafar. What’s also noticeable is that the film seems like it’ll be heavily based around the scheming of Palpatine, of him trying to lure another person to the Dark Side. These 3 factors combine to make Anakin the elephant in the room: to thread this extremely close to him without an appearance would be tantamount to doing a modern documentary on WW2 without referencing the efforts of the Soviet Union. Darth Vader had blood on his hands, Stalin had blood on his hands, but these are the folks who changed the outcome of their conflicts. It’s propaganda otherwise.

        Could Christensen have secretly done some work for Episode IX? Absolutely. This was pulled off nicely with Ray Park in Solo. You can bet your house that for a saga film Lucasfilm would put even greater effort into concealing an actor. And think about it, after revealing Palpatine’s participation in the trailer – which again, nobody saw coming – who else could be hiding? What’s also worth pointing out is that in terms of the fans relationship with Anakin, we’re now at a very different place than we were even a few years ago, when Abrams was writing Episode VII. I don’t think JJ lives in a bubble and he’ll have noted the reception the actor got at his return to Celebration in 2017 (Episode IX would have been written after that).

        Reasons for pessimism? Does JJ Abrams value, does he fully understand the character that is Anakin Skywalker? Has he had in-depth conversations with others, as we have here on Naboo News, on what his journey meant, of how the whole saga revolves around him? Does he have enough faith in Christensen? Does he still hold on to his outdated fanboy thinking of the actor? Does he even care for the man behind the Vader suit he so revered as a child? You and I do. But I’m not so sure with JJ. I don’t know if he feels confident dealing with a character so heavily based on the PT.

        As for fear a. I’ve given up all hope on the Jedi Order. That’s an institution and we saw in VII how much the director cared for this most prequel aspect when he had the Death Star 2.0 blow up Capital Planet 2.0. We’ve been reduced to abstract dialogue ever since.

      • jpieper668

        No abrams doesn’t value or understand Anakin He Hates the Prequels He probably hated CGI Yoda like his prequel hating buddy Simon Pegg i never wanted Episodes 7 8 and 9 Because episode 6 wrapped it up Beautifully like i said earlier he doesn’t care about Lucas The Prequels and Their Fans i’ll say it again(Hope you Don’t Mind Answering) did they forget that epidoe 6 was called Return of the Jedi? The Sequel trilogy should have had Jedi Not This Status Quo is God Crap by becoming ANH 2.0

      • Cryogenic

        @ Arch Duke:

        “So I really am hoping that Kylo Ren becomes the prime focus in the final film of this Sequel trilogy. I’m a big of Adam Driver as an actor, and there’s no other character whose had as interesting an arc as he’s had so far. Luke is dead, Rey is dull and boring – he is our only hope.”

        I think it would be a bad idea to shift the focus onto Kylo at the expense of Rey. She’s meant to be the heroine of the sequels, so let her be the heroine. I agree she’s a weak excuse for a compelling lead, however, and that goes right to the heart of why this trilogy has earned such tremendous backlash. Personally, I know a lot of fans were unhappy with Luke’s treatment in TLJ, but I think it was TLJ that also opened their eyes to the fact that Rey was overpowered to begin with, and that she lacks a credible character arc. You can’t get involved in her struggle, because there’s so little struggle to begin with.

        As far as Rey goes, I think Rian Johnson simply took what Abrams did (or failed to do) and made it official. Of course, that’s not all he did. Other things that were offered up in TFA (such as the Knights of Ren backstory and Finn’s “back”-story… geddit?) should have had adequate follow-through. They didn’t get any. Then there’s the creaky storytelling of TLJ in general (a slow, boring space chase intercut with a confusing espionage sequence, involving a relatively pointless detour to a “casino” planet, and an underwhelming training subplot), the forced humour, questionable aspects to Luke’s treatment, laboured and incoherent action sequences, fake-out plot reveals, and preachy SJW nonsense infesting the Johnson movie, making the viewer feel incredibly condescended to, but all of that is really another discussion…

        Then again, maybe Kylo as the main focus isn’t such a bad thing. People love villains, don’t they? And Kylo is actually a pretty good one, IMO. But a lot of this goes to the casting of Adam Driver, and then the fear and despair other characters show around him. Of course, he doesn’t have a good deal of plot justification, besides being the son of Han and Leia (hence his great power) and the unwanted nephew Luke tries to kill (hence his anger), and becoming corrupted due to some ephemeral relationship he has with Snoke (treated by TLJ as a non-entity). Just typing that out makes it sound more than what it is. Who is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren? We already knew a lot more about Anakin by the half-way mark of Episode I. And that film isn’t even really his story. The same for Rey. One ill-formed plot device meets another ill-formed plot device. The actors do their best, and their characters have strong musical themes, and yet…

        “Will Yoda show up? In the name of the Force, please no. We had enough of him in Episode VIII, and I detested the idea of undoing the great CGI of the PT with a horrible puppet. He’s given his advice to Luke, so how how about Luke’s father, you know, the progenitor of this so-called “Skywalker Saga”, show up?”

        Yoda’s sudden appearance in TLJ begs a few questions, including: where was he and the other members of the Force Ghost A-Team all those former years, when Luke really needed them? Luke heard Obi-Wan in his head several times in ANH, saw him in the snow on Hoth, and even spoke with him in Dagobah in Episodes V and VI, and at the end of the trilogy, he sees Ben with Yoda and Anakin on Endor. But then they completely disappear for thirty years? Even when Luke starts the heavy task of training a new generation of Jedi? Even after it falls apart and Kylo begins his galactic murder spree? It doesn’t reflect well on them as legacy characters or the basic plot mechanics of the sequel trilogy.

        Also, even looking past the tree-burning moment itself, Yoda’s demeanour toward Luke is incredibly lame. He took the mass slaughter of the Jedi and the rise of a new Sith Empire at the end of the PT deeply to heart — just as you would reasonably expect. Both Yoda and Obi-Wan leave the prequels changed individuals. And we see the effects of their grief in the OT: they urge Luke to confront and effectively kill Vader. The events of the PT inclined them to a grim view which they apparently never shook. But in the TLJ scene, Yoda is incredibly pleased with himself, and he never commiserates with Luke about the rise of the First Order and a new era of tyranny and despotism, much less his slaughtered students. Yoda telling Luke that failure is the greatest teacher is a hollow platitude. Bereft of deeper context and a proper acknowledgement of all the torment and grief unleashed on the galaxy (which the absence of Yoda’s guidance surely compounded), it just sounds thin and hollow.

        In ROTJ, Yoda tells Luke to pass on what he has learned. But that doesn’t imply Yoda is going to be totally absent until Luke reaches his lowest point. We have one little branch to cling onto: Rey discovers and tells the audience that Luke has cut himself off from the Force. But this is only following the events that led to the slaying of his students and the loss of Ben Solo to the Dark Side. Did he receive zero guidance from Yoda and Obi-Wan (or, for that matter, Anakin) before this happened? Was he expected to go it totally alone? Pretty hefty expectation when you’re trying to begin an entirely new Jedi Academy to replace/continue a Jedi Order that stood for a thousand years. But, I guess, like Schrodinger’s cat, since they don’t show any of that backstory, Luke both received and didn’t receive help. It’s both and neither because we’re never permitted to see into that “Mystery Box” to find out.

        Still, it doesn’t change the fact that Yoda is seemingly making light of Luke’s tragedy and majorly downplaying the pain and grief he suffered, and everything his “failure” has subsequently put the galaxy through. Plus, philosophically, one short speech is meant to do away with Luke’s serious concerns regarding the impact of the Jedi, and whether allowing them to continue is actually such a good idea…

        That’s another thing about Yoda’s appearance in TLJ. He is assumed (like Holdo) to be completely in the right, destroying the shades of grey and moral complexities that the middle installments are meant to bring about. Lucas did a far superior job cultivating a sense of disquieting ambiguity in AOTC. And TESB puts our heroes through their paces in a way that suggests their simplistic assumptions about how they relate to the world and each other are being challenged. TLJ, by contrast, offers fake depth, preach-down politics, flabby heroics, and hipster nihilism.

        Anakin showing up in Episode IX would be welcome. But I must also put in a word for Obi-Wan. He was the first to do the Force Ghost trick in the Original Trilogy. He spoke the most to Luke while performing it. And he’s the one that talks directly to Rey — in the form of both Alec and Ewan — when she opens the chest in TFA. TLJ all but forgot about him. That’s a strange thread to leave dangling. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if it stays unresolved, because this sequel trilogy lacks proper direction and had poor planning to begin with, and yet: some closure would also be nice.

      • jpieper668

        Some People didn’t like Yoda in the Prequels because he wasn’t Funny enough didn’t like him using a Lightsaber and didn’t like him being CGI because Practical Effects are Superior(That’s Sarcasm i don’t think one is superior to the other There’s also a blog which Shall remain nameless bashing Yoda and the Jedi)and of course you have jj and simon pegg Two prequel hating pieces of Garbage involved i was always against the Sequel trilogy in the first place because ROTJ Wrapped it up Perfectly and what doe the Highly Anticipated Sequel Trilogy with the return of Han Luke and Leia does? they sh*t all over Their Characters Turn Them into Failures Completely undoing the End of ROTJ and now with the Return of Palpatine Vader’s Sacrifice was for Nothing jj kk bi and rj can all go F**K THEMSELVES!

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Bringing back Obi-Wan in IX would sound off. We already did the OT callbacks in TFA, why would we need to go through that again? Just because Anakin hasn’t been treated to a miniscule voice-over (something so hidden, it might as well not be there at all) doesn’t mean there haven’t been any hints of him. This is the concluding film of a trilogy, the final instalment of the Saga, and House Skywalker is the only story.

        Also, Guinness is well established as the Force Ghost of Kenobi – this simply isn’t the case with Anakin. It won’t be jarring to see the blue glow around Christensen.

        Besides, Obi-Wan is getting his own show now…

      • Cryogenic

        @ Arch Duke:

        “Bringing back Obi-Wan in IX would sound off. We already did the OT callbacks in TFA, why would we need to go through that again?”

        But why would they include both the OT and PT versions of Obi-Wan speaking to Rey in TFA, and then drop all trace of Obi-Wan in VIII and IX? Sure, it’s just a nugget, but it occurs at a very specific point (or place) in the movie. To just leave it there, in my opinion, without any kind of further reference, would be jarring.

        You’re much more into Anakin — or rather: Hayden — returning than I am. I can let it go. That said, they might be taking a cue from when Hayden and Ian appeared together at Celebration 2017 and sat on the couch with Lucas himself. After they received a big round of applause, Lucas quipped, “Dark Side rock stars”.

        Maybe that got them thinking…

      • archdukeofnaboo


        “But why would they include both…”

        A Force Ghost requires an actor getting a credit, a tiny voice-over doesn’t – the two are different roles. It may be a pity that Johnson never followed through on that one, but it’s irrelevant to Episode IX

        I’m interested in Anakin returning because – rather simply – I know Palpatine is. It’s a subject for a comprehensive essay, in another place, at another time, but I do believe that the two characters form a symbioses of their own. And a powerful one, like Ying and Yang, actually, but like the other religious metaphor of Anakin as the Redeemer, it does require some modification.

        In short: I think both characters are manifestations of The Force itself: one as light, the other as darkness. Good and evil may fight each other, and in all sorts of ways imaginable, but they will always remain – as long as there is life. The journeys of Palpatine and Anakin are like the forces of the cosmos battling, struggling to dominate on another, and everyone else is but a spectator. Think about it. Why is it these two, just these two that are blessed with overwhelming powers (read: overpowered)? Yeah, I realise I’m peering well beyond the surface level here and entering the esoteric, but it is still fun to think about.

        I shall develop that one! And here is where I will do so 😉


        If you take away Palpatine from Episode IX, then admittedly I have a much weaker argument for Anakin’s appearance.

        But “Skywalker Saga” though? “Rise of Skywalker”?

        Oh, COME ON – someone is rising from the dead and I’m willing to put money on it…

      • Cryogenic

        @ Arch Duke:

        I don’t want to give too long a response, or I might drown out yet another plug you’ve made for Naberrie Fields! Top marks for your enthusiasm. Come on, people. We don’t bite, except on full moons. Please take a look and join. 🙂

        “I’m interested in Anakin returning because – rather simply – I know Palpatine is. It’s a subject for a comprehensive essay, in another place, at another time, but I do believe that the two characters form a symbioses of their own. And a powerful one, like Ying and Yang, actually, but like the other religious metaphor of Anakin as the Redeemer, it does require some modification.”

        It’s funny you say that, because it was during a particular sitting of the opera scene that a foundational concept first struck me: Anakin and Palpatine, like so many aspects of the series, are their own duality, or x-y “power coupling”. Maybe you truly can’t have one without the other. At the least, it was during that sitting that I first asked myself: “What is this thing between all the elements of Star Wars that makes Star Wars Star Wars?” I became gripped with a strange, fevered fascination. How all the elements relate to one another, and how they keep falling into these dualistic units (e.g., the binary suns, R2-D2 and C-3PO) continues to beguile me.

        In ROTS itself, however, the epic conflict between good and evil seems most operatically embodied — if not at the opera (haha) — then by Yoda and Palpatine duking it out in the Senate. That sequence has epic stamped all over it. And given that Yoda has already shown up in the sequel trilogy as a Force Ghost, I think you’re on firm ground to expect some re-appearance of Palpatine (well, duh: he’s on the poster — the very item under discussion here!). And maybe it would be apt to have Anakin appearing, too. “If you start down the dark path and let a Supreme Chancellor start sweet-talking you in an exclusive viewing box at a performance of Squid Lake, then forever will it dominate your destiny.”

        Good observation on the title, too. I keep wanting to say “The Rise Of Doughmaker”, however, following on from the exploits of Anakin Doughmaker in the Battle of Croissant in “Dough Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sieve”, where he exclaimed, “This is where the bun begins.”

        “What have I done?”
        “I’m so sorry.”

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Yes, Lucas originally planned that Plagueis scene, like most of the rest on Coruscant, to take place in the Supreme Chancellor’s Office. That he moved in to an opera setting was an outstanding change of mind.

        It’s easily the most meta scene in the entire saga:

        Take the actor who plays Palpatine, Ian McDiarmid. He’s a theatre actor by trade, and so by being at the opera they’re showing what his real life has been all about. Now not only do you know Palpatine’s backstory, but you know McDiarmid’s too.

        Secondly, you can say that this scene symbolises what’s happened across the entire prequel trilogy. It has been nothing short of theatre, with a disciple of Wagner at the helm of the score, and in the opera box lies the main villain sitting back, in control, like he’s the one overseeing the play.

        And the ironies?

        Palpatine speaking about his own past, unbeknownst to Anakin.
        Palpatine, unknowingly, predicts what will happen to himself while “asleep” 23 years later, at the hands of the guy beside him.
        Anakin thinks he’s found someone to help save his wife from dead, but it’s actually himself who will be the subject of cheating death.

        The genius?

        It’s like a clever magic trick. At first glance, it’s a random piece of lore, but in reality its an very well concealed rhetorical devise designed to tempt Anakin. And, like any good magician, he blows the mind of his target.

        It’s arguable that Palpatine is trying to deceive the audience too. We’ve got tonnes of dramatic irony going on in his office scenes, but here I suspect we don’t quite have the full picture. This, my friend, is Lucas bringing in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and I can’t get enough of it.

        It might just be the most fascinating scene in the whole saga. It’s already one of the most talked about, and oh boy, does if offer Abrams potential threads.

        Probably my favourite scene in the PT.

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Also note how closely “The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis” resembles the alternative name for the Star Wars saga. Tragedy within a tragedy, no?

        McDiarmid had some very interesting words to say on the scene, when he was at Celebration 2017:


        There are so many fan theories on Plagueis, and here’s a good one:


    • Star Wars Hexalogy

      Yeah, bringing back Lando now out of blue after two films completely ignoring his very existence is LONG overdue!

      • Star Wars Hexalogy

        And the Palpatine thing. He gets killed off in Episode VI, then he´s all but dead for the next two films without anything suggesting otherwise and now he´s suddenly back, well give me a break, JJ.

  • Thulsa

    I’m glad that McDiarmid is back, even if the story doesn’t make sense. I hope he’ll have great acting moments.

  • Cryogenic

    Just seeing this thing now. Wham! Wasn’t expecting it to suddenly pop up on Naboo News like that.

    But just for that reason, I had to do a double-take. I thought I was looking at a video game poster, or a poster for some animated spin-off, or something.

    I’m trying to digest it, and that’s still what it looks like, a few minutes later. Man, this thing is incredibly cartoony. But maybe it’s just me.

    Feels rather weightless and doesn’t really fit what is meant to be the concluding installment to a grand nine-part space opera. Looks more like a dopey piece of fan art.

    Palpatine’s face also looks really odd. It seems like a blend of the visages of Ian McDiarmid and Mark Hamill. Maybe that’s what they’re going for here. The twist is: Luke is now Palpatine (who was practically his grandfather in the OT, anyway), or I don’t know what.

    • archdukeofnaboo


      I’m ever so slightly starting to loose the enthusiasm I had for Palpatine returning. And I’ve even come across ST fans confused by the animated looking Sith Lord in the background. Cartoonish it certainly is – surely this won’t be the official poster?

      The folks at r/prequelmemes have come up with a more interesting poster:


      They also describe the fanbase very accurately right now:


      Looks like a discussion of the new Episode IX trailer, with “Sith Rey” is up next. It’s getting weirder and weirder…

      • Cryogenic

        @ Arch Duke:

        I’m also losing my enthusiasm for the return of Palpatine. It’s pretty obvious they’re spooning prequel elements into the films in a calculated attempt to appease fans. Take “Solo”. A Maul cameo because everyone kept complaining Lucas killed off “the best villain” of the PT and badly underused him in TPM. Or Kylo’s random mention of a clone army to Hux in “The Force Awakens”. Like: “Hey, look. We respect the lore of the prequels, okay?” This pigeon feed is really quite laughable.

        If they’d come up with more compelling characters in the sequel trilogy in the first place — and not thrown away Lucas’ story treatments — you can’t help but think (at least as far as the sequel installments go) they wouldn’t be resorting to these measures…

        I saw that poster earlier. Wonderful stuff. Put a smile on my face, alright! Those fine folks at Prequel Memes coming through again. Cryo looks aghast at the official poster. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Prequel Memes, finish it off.”

        There have been a few poster mash-ups in the last twenty four hours posted in the Star Wars Reddit community. Here’s a compilation of all nine teaser posters:


        I admit:

        It’s very satisfying to see all nine like that. However, I think the prequel posters are much more compelling and artistic than the sequel (and original) posters. Having Anakin on all three also helps cohere them. And we see impressionistic outlines of “Vader” moving in to “consume” Anakin across the full set.

        The wonderful thing is that the prequel posters are beautifully done in isolation and also extremely well-realised as a complete set. The Original Trilogy will always remain a classic work of cinema, but the Prequel Trilogy was really the Golden Age of Star Wars, if you ask me.

        Another look at the sequel trilogy teaser posters, but this time without the others and a different poster for TFA:


        Light beams? Sky (walker)? Clouds? Legacy? Not quite sure if there’s any particular theme to the sequel posters. They feel contrived and redundant.

        Here, on the other hand, is an effective “duelling” triptych:


        I like that one a lot more. The images cohere together yet also contrast quite well. You instantly know where you are and which era of the main saga you’re looking at.

        That said, I see this comment from someone below, in the last link:

        15 hours ago
        I’ve always felt like the fight at the end of the RotJ is the most iconic thing in the series. I know the film isn’t a fan favorite, but man, that shot of Luke pressing Vader in front of the window is spectacular.

        Not a fan favourite? I think it very much is! Especially if you like the prequels. I agree with them on the composition, though. Just consider it for a second.

        Every scenario we see is carefully developed and eaten through in the preceding films until we purposely arrive at the final reckoning between a father and son, both garbed in black, against the black of space, being egged into combat by a black-robed sorcerer, in a black-grey environment, in the saga’s most intense and intimate laser sword duel: an encounter with the weight of roughly twelve hours of movie-time and about as many duels behind it. There needn’t have been further films. ROTJ is already the perfect conclusion.

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Yes, Reddit can be very amusing at times.

        But for every time I’m awarded 1k points for a witty one line response in the r/prequelmemes comments, I quickly myself in torment as I glance the comments on a r/StarWars thread:

        USER 1:
        It’s ironic that the (second) worst Star Wars movie also has by far the best title
        EDIT: In retrospect, I think it’s the second worst. Attack of the Clones is pretty awful –

        USER 2:
        You think Attack of the Clones is a good title? –

        USER 1:
        I was talking about The Phantom Menace but I guess they’re both pretty equally bad –

        This is taken from the 9 posters thread you linked, which I now regret visiting. The frustrating thing is before USER 1 came along, there was actually a neat question being posed:

        [USER 0:
        A fun question I like to ask people, almost as a sort of Star Wars Rorschach Test is, “who is the Phantom Menace?”

        There’s not a clear answer. I’ve heard that the Phantom Menace is Palpatine, Maul, Anakin, etc. The poster makes me personally feel that Anakin is the right answer –

        I feel so tempted to engage USER 1 with a Cryoesque ambush. But, alas, I must resist the temptation. Deploy the downvotes, I shall!

        “Not a fan favourite? ”

        Well, whataya know ! Looks like someone else has discovered the god-awful obligatory tokenism to fanboy taste that typifies debate on r/StarWars.

      • Cryogenic

        @ Arch Duke:

        That kind of inane Reddit chatter you’ve highlighted illustrates two things:

        1) Most people are incapable of learning or having an original thought, especially where the Star Wars prequels are concerned and when minds have been made up in advance.

        2) Reddit is obviously another garbage dump where grown-up, mature, nuanced dialogue and discussion is effectively impossible. Another IMDb (or worse) with an equally horrifying interface.

        Maybe the site can be fitfully amusing, but I’m glad that I haven’t really bothered with it very much. If I were twelve years of age, it might hold some appeal, but (thankfully) I’m not.

      • archdukeofnaboo


        One would have to be a very strict ST fan (sequelist – is that even a thing?) not to admit that there are two games in town with regard the Dueling posters:
        Episode III and VI.

        Not only are they emotionally charged, with the former resulting from the tragic falling-out of two great Jedi friends of 13 years, the latter of father vs son, but they are inextricably linked: Anakin (including his later ego) features in both.

        Where is the connection with the Sequel Trilogy? Nowhere. It’s like the uninvited guest at the wedding.

        Main posters

        I do like those posters – or “teaser posters” as I’m now learning – especially for the PT.

        I’ve owned the Saga Blu-Ray release ever since it dropped in late 2011, so I’m well acquainted with that TPM poster. It’s quite a specimen, really. Such a calm, modest, subdued, low-key, yet utterly striking way to mark chapter 1 of the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker. Where it all began. Where all was once sweet and innocent. Lucas saids to us: Is one born evil?

        And then we have the AOTC poster. Hinting at the fall of the man and the vices that will bring him to it. The father and mother of the protagonists of the Original Trilogy, back to back. Stunning. Yet it shouldn’t have even happened in the first place, and Luke should never have been born. Or should it? Can one both love and serve?

        Finally onto the ROTS poster. Now this will sound strange, as a hardcore ‘Sith’ loyalist, but I’m not so familiar with the poster. Was this really used in ’05? If so, then my memory has faded. Or it just hasn’t become a thing on the internet, which I suspect to be the truth. Compared with the previous two, it’s somewhat of a letdown, with part of Anakin’s head being clipped out. There are many better ideas for a poster of this film. A nice one would be echoing the choice between Jedi and Sith – Obi-Wan and Palpatine.

      • Cryogenic

        @ Arch Duke:

        I’m certainly sympathetic to what you say about the sequel trilogy being like the uninvited guest at the wedding. The entire trilogy feels relatively superfluous — something that wasn’t asked for and wasn’t needed. On the other hand, it’s nice to have three additional films, if only to mop up after the Original Trilogy and put Vader’s legacy in deeper context. Star Wars is now forever a saga in three parts, where Anakin is equally the son, the father, and the Force Ghost. Trinitarianism. It’ll eat your saga alive.

        But seriously:

        I do like the interlinking of all three duel dioramas, if only for the fact that if you put your hand over the last part, with Rey and Kylo, having only two panels looks a bit more constrained, boring, and bare. A third panel and a third trilogy gives you more to focus on and think about. The glittering globules of lava drops and stars in the backgrounds of the three panels is also a nice feature. But it still makes you question why the sequel trilogy exists at all, and what its real purpose is.

        A much more startling contrast is evoked between the prequel and original trilogies. As you said, the Episode III and VI panels depict emotionally charged engagements, where a Jedi Master confronts his wayward padawan in the bowels of a raging hell, and a son confronts his dark cybernetic ubermensch of a father in a machine citadel. These panels capture the essence of Lucas’ saga, demonstrating a Wagnerian scope.

        The “camera” is also much closer to the duellists in the top two panels, lending a more urgent and intimate feel, and Luke and Vader are in more cautious repose compared to Anakin and Obi-Wan, making it feel like things are moving to a climax and the world is verging on a new understanding: “Return Of The Jedi”, transfiguration! The introduction of a green saber in the Episode VI panel also completes the use of primary colours. Lastly, it is shocking to think that Vader is, in fact, Anakin Skywalker, and as Luke suggests, Anakin is Vader’s true self which he has only forgotten.

        Remember how Jar Jar tells the Jedi he has forgotten about being banished from Otoh Gunga? The saga perfectly coheres together and echoes events in the past and the future. In fact, going back to Luke’s comment to Vader, it is notable that Luke claims to have no memory of his mother (while Leia does). It seems, just as Vader needs to recall his Anakin Skywalker persona in order to become whole again, Luke really needed to connect with his mother or a mother-surrogate in the sequels, in order to find true completion. Maybe Rey going to the island actually accomplishes this. There was still some trial for Luke to overcome, and something for us to learn. The sequels have some justification for existing, some semblance of taking to completion what came before. But those top two panels? They exude undeniable mythic power.

        The teaser posters are pretty neat, aren’t they? And while the word “teaser” is a very good one and widely used, the recognised industry term is “advance poster”:


        You have good instincts regarding the prequel posters. Most people (who even care about such things) generally seem to regard the teaser poster for Episode III as the weakest, while commending the design of the posters for Episodes I and II.

        Of the full set, Episode I probably has the most subdued, stark, and thematically meaningful teaser poster design, but the Episode II teaser poster is also gorgeous and maybe the most emotionally poignant. I also have a soft spot for the Episode III teaser poster, however, because I do sorta dig the design (Anakin almost “gone” to Vader), and I love that copper-gold filled-in version of the Star Wars logo at the bottom. But more than that: I have a clear memory of this poster being displayed outside the cinema (or “movie theater”) I saw ROTS at for my second viewing. And that cinema (in Bangor, Wales), rather like the collector arm on Mustafar, has since been demolished. Overall, though, the Episode I poster is surely the most iconic.

        So, yeah… The Episode III teaser poster was most certainly used in 2005. It’s strange that I remember seeing it more clearly in the “physical” world than the Episode I and II posters, but them’s the way the chips fall. I guess, for one thing, I was older when I saw ROTS, so maybe that helps in recalling it. But the cinema I went to (for my second viewing) was also a vintage one-screen affair, so you couldn’t help notice the poster on display in the way in and out. That’s how Star Wars should be done! An entire cinema consecrated to the glory of the saga.

        In some sense, the Episode III teaser poster also captures the way I feel about the movie, fourteen years later. ROTS, for better or worse, is much more Anakin- or Vader-centric than the previous entries, which sometimes puts a choke-hold around the film and makes for a hyper-dramatic but slightly stifling feel compared to the more expansive prequel narrative (Lucas has referred to I and II as being packed with “jazz riffs”) we get to enjoy in I and II. It’s kinda like Anakin choking Padme: if Padme is the main character or joint-main character in I and II, then Anakin steals her life force in III, and it’s not quite the same feel. Less colourful and open. ROTS is a masterful installment, but it’s also a film that is more laser-focused and on-rails compared to its predecessors.

        This loss of colour and innocence actually begins at the end of TPM, and intensifies around the mid-point of AOTC (appropriately enough: from a DVD chapter standpoint, it’s the exact middle of the trilogy), when Anakin leaves Naboo, gloomily telling Padme he has no choice but to violate his Jedi mandate and rescue his mother. It’s a short but stunning looking scene, with Anakin caught some place between temporality and eternity: a teetering bulb of dread and dream, slowly crumbling in a sullied paradise (his nightmare tainting the verdant bliss of Naboo). Even a bit of rain seems to leak in, at the corner of the frame, from the adjacent scenes with Obi-Wan on Kamino. Or as Lucas said on location in Italy: “It’s God’s way of adding to the movie.” Something remarkable about that whole meditation scene. This prequel trilogy — so evocative!!!

        “Who is she? She’s beautiful.”

  • Natalie

    So a Rise of Skywalker poster with no Skywalker in sight.
    Who cares about Kylo vs Rey if she already beat him before.
    Bringing back Emperor is not going to help this movie.

    By the way, the poster was roasted on the official Instagram so they had to delete a bunch of negative comments.

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