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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker : rumor about Palpatine’s final scenes


Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.

JediPaxis, a reliable “leaker”, has posted his expanded basic plot for the third act of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Reddit. Click here to read it in its entirety.

Below are the excerpts related to Palpatine, Anakin and the end of the movie.



Following her experience on the Death Star, Rey returns to the island on Ahch-to. […] Luke encourages Rey by telling her of the faith Leia had in her. She saw the potential within her and hoped that Rey would be able to restore balance to the Force once more just as Anakin once did. […]

[The Unknown Regions- Exogol]

Rey follows the coordinates found in the wayfinder to the same spot Kylo did earlier in the film. Rey lands outside the giant cube floating above the ground and makes her way through the same underground passages. The cube, composed of black rock, floats several meters above the ground and is so massive that one corner can not be seen in frame when the camera is at another. As Rey travels down into the depths of the planet, giant Sith statues can be seen. Where Rey and Kylo’s experiences begin to differ come in with where Rey discovers Palpatine. Palpatine is not in the same chamber that Kylo discovered him in, but in a huge arena, surrounded by Sith loyalists in dark cloaks in the grandstands. Palpatine is being supported by some kind of mechanical arm, possibly connecting him to life support machinery. Rey begins to confront Palpatine. During this conversation Sideous reportedly confirms Rey’s lineage and goads her on to take up a lightsaber and strike him down (very much like how he encouraged Luke to do the same thing 30 years prior), telling her that only in killing him will she gain the power needed to save her friends. Palpatine also apparently makes statements alluding to the belief that Vader could not betray Luke due to their familial bond and that same kind of bond would ultimately cause Rey to do what the Emperor wishes. During his taunts, the sickly Sith opens the roof of the stadium chamber revealing that the sky above is filled with Star Destroyers soon to be embroiled in conflict with the approaching Resistance. As the battle between the First Order/Empire and the Resistance begins to rage in the skies above them, Rey gives into the Emperor’s commands and decides to strike him down.

Through means that are still a bit foggy to me, Ben Solo was able to leave the wreckage of the Death Star and his former persona behind and travel to Exogol with the purpose of joining Rey to help her face down Sidious. Before leaving the Death Star wreckage, Ben abandoned Kylo’s lightsaber so now he’s walking into a warzone with no weapon. When he arrives on the planet, he encounters the Knights of Ren who are guarding the entrance to the arena where Rey and Sidious are. Ben reportedly dispatches each of them using only the Force. After doing this he enters the arena as Rey is about strike the Emperor using Leia’s blade. Ben grabs Anakin’s lightsaber and warns Rey to reconsider what she is about to do, to not kill the Emperor in anger. Seeing Ben arrive pleases Sideous. He then uses his power to bond them together and begins to syphon power from that bond and direct it into himself. As the power flows into him, the once silky and decrepit Palpatine stands tall and strong once again, restoring himself to a much younger, healthier state. […]

Having returned to full strength, Palpatine then shoots lightning into Ben, forcing him to fall into a bottomless abyss, never to be seen again. Sideous then shoots lightning into the sky at Resistance ships. He reportedly continues to make statements about how Rey will join him. In defiance of this, Rey grabs both Anakin’s and Leia’s lightsabers and Palpatine turns his wrath on her. It’s lightsaber vs. lightning at this point and when it seems like all hope is lost for Rey, the spectors of Luke and Leia come to her aid. They jointly work toward overpowering the Emperor, deflecting his lightning back toward himself, killing him and unleashing an explosion powerful enough to make the arena start to crumble around them. Darth Sideous, the last of the Sith Lords, is finally dead. At this same time Finn and Jannah complete their mission and succeed in destroying Pryde’s flagship. The two are prepared to go down with the ship, but are rescued at the last second by the Falcon. Rey escapes the crumbling arena.

[The Resistance’s Jungle Base]

Having won the day, the survivors of the battle regroup at the jungle base and celebrate. What follows is apparently celebration across the galaxy, once again mirroring what is seen at the end of Return of the Jedi.


For the end of the film, the heroes then travel to where everything began. The desolate, sandswept planet of Tatooine. Between defeating Sidious and this moment, Rey has disassembled Anakin and Leia’s lightsabers and used their components to construct one of her own that I’m told contains a golden/yellow blade. Rey buries the leftover pieces beneath the Tatooine sands at the site of the Lars homestead. As Rey turns to join Finn, Poe, Jannah, Chewie, R2, 3PO, BB-8 and D-0, a stranger calls out to her. The stranger apparently speaks of how nobody has been seen around this land for a very long time and asks Rey for her name. This is the second time in the film that this question has been posed to her, but unlike her response on Pasaana, Rey has decided who she is. She gives the name Rey Skywalker to the stranger, adopting the name of her masters and revealing the primary meaning of the title of the film. As Rey begins to rejoin her friends, she catches a glimpse of some familiar glowing figures, watching over her. The assembly of heroes look off into the distance at the horizon of the desert planet and watch twin suns set on a universe filled with hope.

The End.”


      • Carlos Cuevas

        And Anakin is not the chosen one! Also now that force ghosts can interact with the real world and will face Palpatine (LOL) why Yoda and Obi-Wan didn’t do that in ROTJ or TESB? Have this people ever seen a Star Wars movie?

      • Carlos Cuevas

        Yes, and there is a reason why that concept got scrapped. So saying “This was part of Lucas original draft for ROTJ” as an excuse isn’t valid.

        About your second point, there needs to be a story in the first place for that to happen, and that’s something the sequel trilogy lacks.

      • Eduardo Vargas

        That ship sailed a long time ago, when they decided not to tell the story George wanted to tell and instead went in the direction of first, pleasing the fans and in the second movie arrogantly trying to stamp out Star Wars according to RJ. They have no idea what they are doing, and this movie makes it all the more clear because of how idiotic the plot is.

    • Liz B

      *** Hi, I’m Alessio Pasquali. My comment was edited by the administrator of this blog because I’m a troll who insults and threatens people and who keeps coming back despite having been banned dozens of times. ***

  • Maria B

    *** Hi, I’m Alessio Pasquali. My comment was edited by the administrator of this blog because I’m a troll who insults and threatens people and who keeps coming back despite having been banned dozens of times. ***

  • Liz B

    *** Hi, I’m Alessio Pasquali. My comment was edited by the administrator of this blog because I’m a troll who insults and threatens people and who keeps coming back despite having been banned dozens of times. ***

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