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Entertainment Weekly’s next issue will have a cover for each Star Wars trilogy

From Entertainment Weekly:

“The first of EW’s three covers features stars of the Star Wars prequels. […]


The second cover features the cast of the original films. […]


The third cover highlights the stars of the final trilogy in the Skywalker Saga. […]


(The issue will be on newsstands starting Nov. 28.) […]”


    • maychild

      Yeah, it’s cool how they have the lines on the PT cover’s “floor” aiming left, the lines on the OT cover aiming forward, and the lines on the ST cover aiming right. The OT is the center of the saga, after all — both literally and figuratively.

  • maychild

    I canceled my subscription to EWeakly (not a typo), as I call it, eons ago…I got fed up with their trashing of the prequels (plus I had other issues with the magazine that I need not go into here) and the way they resorted to flat-out lying in order to do so. But magazines go through staff changes like any other business. Maybe they’ve replaced some of their previous, prequel-hating staff with people who are more neutral toward the prequels, or even with people who (gasp!) like them. It has been 20 years since TPM came out, and 14 since ROTS came out, after all. Enough time for kids who saw the prequels and liked them to have grown up and started to seek employment.

    That EWeakly acknowledge the prequels as the first trilogy of a three-trilogy saga seems to be a step in the right direction. Of course, they might have filled the actual magazine with nasty slights at the prequels; there’s no link to the covers’ corresponding article.

    As for them skimping on the prequel characters compared to the ST characters, well, they skimped on the OT characters too compared to the ST characters. (I noticed that they included a representative for the much-maligned Ewoks on the OT cover, though of course there’s no Jar Jar on the PT cover. Evidently they haven’t softened toward the PT far enough to include their favorite whipping-Gungan.) I’m thinking that that’s not due to hatred so much as the fact that the ST still has one more chapter coming out, and thus they’re going to focus on promoting the ST because the final episode is what’s on the top of people’s minds.

    Jeez, I never thought I’d see the day when I was defending EWeakly.

  • archdukeofnaboo

    As much as I adore Queen Amidala, Senator Amidala is much more appropriate when it comes to telling the story of the whole trilogy – and she’s got plenty of interesting costumes too, if that’s what your interested in, EW.

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