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Here are the references to the Star Wars Prequels in The Rise of Skywalker


I’ve seen Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker today. Here is a list of the references to the Prequel Trilogy. SPOILER ALERT!

• When Palpatine is threatened by Kylo Ren, he says “I’ve died before” and repeats word for word his line from Revenge of the Sith: “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.”

• Many past Jedi communicate with Rey during her fight against Palpatine. Hayden Christensen plays Anakin Skywalker. Anakin tells Rey to bring balance to the Force as he had done before.
Here are the other Prequel Trilogy actors in this scene. Ewan McGregor plays Obi-Wan Kenobi, Liam Neeson plays Qui-Gon Jinn, Frank Oz plays Yoda, and Samuel L. Jackson plays Mace Windu.
There are also some Jedi from the Prequels who are voiced by The Clone Wars actors. Olivia D’Abo plays Luminara Unduli, Jennifer Hale plays Aayla Secura and Angelique Perrin plays Adi Gallia.
(I would note also that Ashley Eckstein plays Ahsoka Tano, although Ahsoka isn’t technically a Prequel Trilogy character)
These are just vocal cameos. No Jedi appear as a Force ghost in this scene.


• There’s a B1 Battle Droid in Babu Frik’s droid shop (it was in the trailer).

• When Poe Dameron and Zorri Bliss talk alone, the music uses a theme from “Return to Tatooine” in the soundtrack of Attack of the Clones.

• When Finn and Jannah talk about their past, the music uses a theme from “Talk of Podracing” in the soundtrack of The Phantom Menace.

• The words “Sith” and “Palpatine” are frequently used, as in the Prequels.

This is it. I hope I’m not forgetting anything. If so, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments.


    • archdukeofnaboo


      That line works in ROTS precisely because it’s the words of the ice-cool, master manipulator, dressed in sheep’s clothing, pouring poison into the ears of an unexpected victim, as we the audience watch on with the joys of dramatic irony. It is the Dark Lord of the Sith, otherwise known as Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, at the height of his powers, intelligence-wise, and it still terrifying to watch to this day.

      On the not so subtle and less cerebral form of Darth Sidious? It’s jarring, out of placing and just plain bad writing.

      And on this flickering light version of Darth Sidious who is hung from a bizarre crane and aims to sit on the Iron throne?

      To me, as a prerequelist, it’s like being a beggar and being so hopeful when you receive a a little slice of bread, only to flip it over and discover it’s actually burned.

      Token #1 in JJ’s emporium of half-arsed gestures to the Prequel fans.

      • archdukeofnaboo

        The context is also important: In ROTS, if is a sentence that flows naturally within a deep, philosophical-like conversation, between two seated participants.

        In TROS, it’s totally different: it jumps out of nowhere in what is a terribly hurried and condensed scene (probably highly edited too) in a breathless act of the film. It is such a horrible way of paying homage to the prequels, I fear it may even damage the source it came from!

        It’s like borrowing “I know” or “I am your father” for some random context in the PT

  • Anthony P

    I would hope Ahsoka’s not dead. Filoni probably made sure to tell JJ to keep her fate post-Rebels nebulous.

    My guess is that she and Ezra are communing to Rey from another planet, a la how Rebels Season 1 had Ezra communing to Tseebo through the Force from Fort Anaxes to the Ghost ship.

  • DarthDeckardJones

    What did you think of the film? Also is it obvious that Anakin is talking to Rey or was it the credits that informed you.

    • jpieper668

      it has a 58% rating on Rotten Tomatoes what do you think of your savior Abrams Now? (not you but the fans who think he saved Star Wars which never needed saving to begin with prior to the Disney Deal)

    • Anthony NN

      The movie was entertaining, no more, no less. I was not impressed.
      I’ve recognized Anakin’s voice immediately. We hear him twice. But the other Prequel actors are more discrete.

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Yeah, same, but I’m a hardcore prequelist too, so of course it was obvious. For Your average movie goer – who may not have seen the prequels since 2005 – won’t have a clue and will not easily be able to make the instant connection to the PT’s fallen hero as we do.

        I mean I couldn’t even get Obi-Wan in TFA, and I know Ewan’s voice fairly well!

        What was the reaction like at your cinema in France?

      • archdukeofnaboo


        Yes! I cannot recall witnessing a scoffing so noticeable in a screening as that of the kiss in TROS. It was, amusingly, a key moment in the film I wasn’t spoiled on, but it was so awkwardly directed that the seconds leading into it seemed almost to slow down. I mean, I can remember feeling weary during TLJ, “How long more will this go on?”, but never any “Why TF did you just do that”.

        For a trilogy that aspires to show us a strong independent female character, it all comes to nothing at this moment: the foundation collapses and it feels almost like a fraud. And you know, people gave Padmé a rough ride for her role in ROTS, so boy am I hoping and praying that people can go to town on this one. You cannot overlook the sheer stupidity of this any more than you can Luke’s silly decisions in TLJ. The difference here though is that it sends a terrible message to young female fans.

        Rey has turned out to be little more than an essay on identity put to film, and it breaks my heart to say it :/

    • Anthony NN

      No, I’m not really into reviews 😉 In short, the movie is overloaded, we’re constantly moving from one thing to the next, many plotlines are rushed. And it’s a weak conclusion to the “Skywalker saga”. But there’s still some nice moments here and there.

  • maychild

    I don’t put much stock in reviews, but it is amusing to see the fairly tepid reception of Saint Abrams’ latest pompous attempt to “save” SW. After all, he’s already “made SW safe for girls to like.” And TFA marked “the FIRST TIME a strong female character was featured prominently in SW.” Plus it was good to see a female character in SW who “does more than get pregnant and die.”

  • Bob Jones

    An absurd movie. I must admit, I had fun. It didn’t really take away from Anakin’s sacrifice as I had expected.

    I’m glad everyone hates it (and TLJ) so these become the go-to movies to bash instead of the prequels

  • Moose

    The area around where Palpatine had the throne looked to me like the Geonosis arena.

    For what it is worth, the movie felt to me like Abrams filmed Daisy Ridley’s afternoon at a souped-up version of Galaxy’ Edge: “You too can fly Luke’s X-Wing, get the scoop from log-sitting Jedi ghost, explore the throne-room from the 2nd Death Star, visit the homestread on Tatooine and face down the Emperor himself.”

    I know they tried to ease us into it with the previews, but they lost me when they brought back Palpatine. I was hoping he would just be some hologram or a voice in someone’s head.

    • archdukeofnaboo


      I like that Galaxy’s Edge analogy. I may have steal that one from you, haha!

      It’s quite rich to see the professional critics now complaining about Abrams turning his back on TLJ. These idiots didn’t as much raise a word when the director did the same thing to the prequels during TFA: blowing up the New Republic capital planet and “This will begin to make things right” as the very first line.

  • Jake

    3po said the senate passed the law that made Sith unspeakable for droids. Senate wasn’t resolved until A New Hope but most the senate stuff is prequels.

  • Spencer Vickery

    When Darth Sidious’ theme is played, there are a couple prequel mixes of it: one where Sidious revealed his identity to Anakin and another where Anakin’s damaged body was taken to a medical facility.

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