• Naveen Chandler

      Yes, because that will happen in the finale of that arc. Tell me, why would Echo already be in full armor before the gang rescues him, huh? That’s not how this works lol….

      • Carlos Cuevas

        At 0:33 Echo can be seen with a helmet, during that same shot in the animatics, he doesn’t have a helmet. And i’m pretty sure that shot isn’t during the finale. At least do your research before talking, LOL…

    • Naveen Chandler

      Unlike you, I’ve actually done my research because that same shot from the animatics is from the finale of the Bad Batch arc called “Unfinished Business”, as you can tell in this shot from 18:22-18:33: https://youtu.be/4OK46bti72g

      Perhaps YOU should do YOUR research before talking.

      Dumbass. You just played yourself, you idiot.

      Go honk somewhere else you stupid clown, while the rest of enjoy this masterpiece series being upheld by George Lucas’s rightful Padawan, Dave Filoni and his awesome, wholesome Cast & Crew.

      • Carlos Cuevas

        And Echo doesn’t have a helmet, so you just proved me right. Using insults just show how much of an immature and childish person you are. Now enjoy your ban from this site, lol.

    • Naveen Chandler

      Because they’re unfinished animatics, dummy & it’s been many years, so changes will be made.

      Echo clearly has full armor in that same exact scene near the end of the arc.

      Do you not have any common sense or a simple understanding of common logic? Lmao. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Vandicoup

      Oh hello there, @archduke! I’m sorry, but not sure I remember you–care to jog my memory?

      And yes I have. I’ve seen all videos on it so far, including his casting call for Jedi lol. I honestly can’t get enough, and I’ve been on Vader EP 1’s journey since Day 1 so EP 2’s journey will be a Day 1 for me as well.

      Seems like he’s wanting to end it all by EP 2 or 3 so that’s sad, but at least we don’t have to wait as long to see the epic conclusion!!

      I hope he can fit everything he wants in those last 1-2 episodes, he also said he’ll make them longer, so we’ll see….

      • archdukeofnaboo


        I’m not fully convinced he can pull it off on his own without the director from Ep.1. Producing is one thing, but directing is another! But perhaps he can, and I’m hoping he proves me wrong.

        I’m not so down about the series being cut to 2 episodes. Lucasfilm put so many restrictions on him for the first, and he even faced trouble with copyright after release, so I couldn’t blame him. Only a few months ago it looked like he’d given up on the thing, so I’m thrilled he’s even doing 1 more. Just a huge pity that Danny hasn’t the time – it looks like he’s in demand a lot nowadays, and I bet the fan film surely helped there.

        I get the impression SWT will start writing his own space fantasy in the coming years, once he gets bored of his current SW stuff.

        What were your thoughts on TROS?

      • Alexrd

        I wouldn’t call the new scene a replacement to the one that was removed. It replaced the Obi-Wan scene, not the nose art scene.

        But regarding the new scene, Anakin seeing Padmé clearly pregnant (when it’s established in ROTS that she hadn’t seen her for months due to the Outer Rim sieges) while saying nothing is, in a way, incompatible with the movies.

    • Carlos Cuevas

      Yes, she is clearly in the early stages of her pregnancy but then again, how many times did Anakin fought Dooku in TCW despite Anakin saying “My powers have double since the last time we met, Count”? And Obi-Wan says “This time we will do it together” in both cases they are obviously referring to the events of AOTC yet they fight Dooku together in season 6. It’s not the the first time something like that happens in TCW. I personally don’t mind it.

    • Vandicoup

      I’m not so down either, but the man has got no choice, sadly. Lucasfilm won’t let him crowdfund or get help from any huge company. Sigh…but I’m confident EP 2 or even as far as EP 3 will still be amazing.

      Worried about SWT’s directing chops of course, but he’s been on set for EP 1 since the beginning and said he’s learned a lot from Danny and the others and that he’ll have an amazing Assistant Director guiding him every step of the way along with the rest of the crew so I’m confident about all this, personally.

      And I actually enjoyed TROS, surprisingly. But only in isolation haha. Too many WTF moments to even be considered a “Star Wars” movie tbh, especially with Palpatine coming back out of no where, like what?? This invalidates Anakin’s entire redemption arc and even insults Anakin’s death a little bit, but I loved the visuals and loved seeing all the OT characters one last time so there’s that at least. ;(

      • archdukeofnaboo


        I guess you liked it in the sense that it changed (or at least contradicted) much of the writing decisions made in TLJ? For me, that was nice, but it meant little when I saw how dirty they done Anakin’s character arc and Palatine’s death in ROTJ. I couldn’t care less if I’m on the same side of this film with hardcore TLJ fans.

    • Naveen Chandler

      Like I said, I enjoyed it in isolation. I wouldn’t consider TROS a Star Wars movie however. I didn’t like all of those things they screwed over either. They basically retconned Vader’s redemption and are milking Palpatine dry.

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