George Lucas,  The Mandalorian

George Lucas ‘has been very complimentary’ about The Mandalorian, says Dave Filoni

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“On Nov. 12, Disney+ launched with a major offering for subscribers: the first live-action Star Wars show and the most meme-able new TV character on the internet. Executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian, which stars Pedro Pascal as a mysterious bounty hunter, fueled Disney+ to impressive signup numbers (the service now reaches more than 60.5 million paid subscribers) and was rewarded with 15 Emmy nominations, including a drama series nom that is rare for a sci-fi show. Filoni, who for years has masterminded many of Star Wars‘ popular animated shows, is also nominated this year for Star Wars: Resistance. The pair took a break from postproduction on season two (due out in October) to recall keeping Baby Yoda (which they call The Child) a secret and George Lucas’ reaction to the series so far. […]

Dave, you are very close with George Lucas and are considered by many fans to be his heir apparent. What kind of feedback did he give you about season one?

FILONI Not a tremendous amount. We talk about other stuff. When I talk with him, I like to get more knowledge. He’ll give me some reminders, especially before I shoot something, about how many setups I should try to get in a day, and I might rack his brain for certain things about how to cover a scene. He’s been very complimentary. I think he’s enjoyed the show, and he said once [that] now he gets to watch it as a fan and watch it as a viewer. My job is to bring that knowledge forward and pass on what I’ve learned from him in every discipline to Jon and to the creative departments. […]”

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