Naboo News is paused


There’ll be no new article in this blog in the coming months.

Naboo News will be back, but certainly in a form other than a press review.

May the Force be with you, prequel fans.



  • archdukeofnaboo

    Hang in there, Anthony!

    You’d have to imagine that the end of a trilogy has caused a great fall in interest in Star Wars. Didn’t we not see this is in 2005? The fact that you’ve got plenty of people with a sour taste in their mouth after all the sudden story changes in the ST doesn’t help either, and I’m certainly in this bunch.

    I recall you doing the odd opinion piece in the past, such as Rotten Tomatoes manipulated scoring of the prequels, and I think you should return to a little bit of that. While it’s true that prequel bashing is no longer the mainstream, it’s still not entirely vanished , with a lot of backhanded compliments for the PT around posing as “praise”. It might be an idea for you then to expose some of this, or better yet, highlight articles or videos from fans who truly do celebrate the prequels. Your press coverage has always featured a wide variety of sources, so I’m sure you’d do well at this.

    Keep your focus on the prequels (“You’re focus determines you’re reality”), and May the force be with you.

  • Moose

    Thank you so much Anthony for what you have done here over the years. I have very much enjoyed visiting your site.

  • Cryogenic

    Sorry to read this, Anthony. But your announcement is classy and I love the Qui-Gon graphic screencap. Nothing lasts forever. Change is the one constant in the universe.

    I also appreciate that you gave Arch Duke and I and the rest of your commenters free rein to say whatever we wanted. That is becoming increasingly rare on the Internet, and it won’t be forgotten.

    I hope you keep the blog standing for now. It’s a good little record in and of itself. And it would be a shame to lose all those comments! Here’s also to better and brighter things in the near future. 🙂

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